Massa raced Red Bull copy exhaust in Korea

Felipe Massa (BRA) Ferrari F2012 on the grid. Formula One World Championship, Rd16, Korean Grand Prix, Race, Korea International Circuit, Yeongam, South Korea, Sunday 14 October 2012.Oct.18 (GMM) Ferrari raced an all-new Red Bull-style exhaust on only Felipe Massa’s car in Korea last weekend, according to the Spanish newspaper 20 Minutos.

The news would explain the Brazilian driver’s better pace than teammate Fernando Alonso in the sister F2012, and also the Spaniard’s confidence that he is still in the running to beat Sebastian Vettel to the title despite a new 6-point championship deficit and Red Bull’s recent dominance.

Indeed, 20 M claims that Alonso will be running the Massa-specification on his own red car next weekend in India.

The report also said Ferrari is working hard in former F1 team Toyota’s state of the art Cologne wind tunnel on a so-called ‘double DRS’ straightline speed-boosting system.

“Hopefully we make a little bit of a step in terms of performance and then we can fight for bigger things,” Alonso, having finished third behind both Red Bulls, said before leaving Korea last Sunday.

Team boss Stefano Domenicali added: “It is clear that we must make a step forward in performance to respond to the one made by Red Bull. We are well aware of that and we are working day and night to succeed.”

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  • munit

    Spanish media….lmao

    they always find excuses to excuse alonso from trulli outperform him in 2004, spy gate, crash gate and now massa is faster than alonso…LOL

  • Steve Maximus

    Alonso has dominated Massa all year, now Massa was faster than Alonso for one race and everyone is talking as if Massa is twice as good as Alonso. Garbage. When Massa was faster than Kimi the whole team supported Massa. If Massa was faster than Alonso he would have the team’s support. He is on average a significant percentage slower than Alonso. It’s just facts.

  • munit

    In 2008, the team actually went down to the path of development to Massa ‘s side due to kimi raikkonen unwillingly visit the factory on day to day basic and provide input to the car development, according to schumacher by the way.

    Alonso sure as hell wouldn’t let the same thing happen. He will drain any last resources available to make his own car.

    Massa fell short after that, and he ‘s back up to speed after finally adapted to the F2012 and pirelli tyres.

  • Chris

    Call me biased or what ever every one thinks
    But i don’t think Ferrari have answers to match Redbull pace
    Lets assume that Ferrari Developed the Redbull style exhaust and DDRS.
    The Man of Redbull Adrian Newey still updating the car which should be said as Re-Inventing the car by working 24*7.
    So even if Ferrari managed to match Redbull by gaining 3 tenths or 4 tenths what will be their answer if Redbull still manage to gain another 2 tenths or 3 tenths.
    And also Lets say Even if Massa was faster with New Exhaust system. He wasn’t as quick as Mark let alone Seb through out the race. So if that was in hands of fernando then he can get Mark due to his Impressive skills but catching the Main Person is Very hard for him

  • Matthew

    This is rubbish; if you look through multiple pictures taken of the F2012 at the Korean Grand Prix weekend, you’ll see the exhausts on both cars are exactly the same.

    I’m a massive Ferrari fan, and now an Alonso fan since he joined… but I’ll admit Massa looked to have the upper-hand on Alonso throughout that race; no doubt about it.

  • Butterfly

    For sure, Massa had a better car than Fernando did in Korea, and made good use of it. This is good for Ferrari, it means they finally got the aero right on that car.


    Are you really laughing your a*rs off just thinking about the Spanish media? Are you really laughing out loud just thinking about all that?

    You should pay a visit to a psychiatrist, mate, you may have problems.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    The exhaust component may be Helmholtz chamber tuning (invisible from outside the car) in concert with the revised Coanda body exit. The exit shape of the body work and chamber size/location, coupled with gear ratio selection, can be used to trim torque at corner exit, aiding traction and tire preservation, while optimizing balance at corner entry. It would be interesting to see sector times to see where Massa was realizing an improvement. In any case, Ferrari is unlikely to both catch up and improve beyond RBR, which means it will all come down to Alonso’s performance at the wheel to fill the gap… against a re-energized Vettel, who is phenomenally tough to catch when he’s having fun.

  • Butterfly

    Most likely Massa was running an update to the suspension. His tires were clearly holding up better than Alonsos and he had the legs on everybody. That was a suspension upgrade, no doubt about it.

  • fools

    I think Ferrari are down playing there chances. They have a few tricks up there sleeve. Even without Newey they are just fine.

    Alonso for 2012 WDC!

  • carinni

    the outside look is exactly same as alonso’s car, and defintely not red bull style, i don’t believe that there is someting inside the exhaust making that big difference, at least no proof.

  • carinni

    i agree with munit! And it is obvious that the development of f2012 is leaning to Alonso as he is the no.1 driver, so it is not likely that Massa has a better car, just his driving style, car setup, track characteristcs went to massa’s side this time. It is very unlikely that Ferrari will provide Massa with a better car, can u believe that? At least Alonso will give Ferrari a damn if it happens

  • carinni

    actually, Massa’s pace was also even faster than Alonso in Singapore if u have paid attention to the gap, Massa was even faster than Hamilton and Vettel in Singapore, if no puncture at the first corner, he might even have won victory at Singapore, so was there also some special updates in his car in Singapore GP?