Marko suspects Massa hampered Vettel on purpose

Sebastian Vettel with Helmut MarkoOct.14 (GMM) Red Bull‘s Helmut Marko has hinted that Felipe Massa deliberately impeded Sebastian Vettel at the end of qualifying in Korea.

Vettel’s last Q3 run was indeed interrupted by Ferrari‘s Massa, but the German – who ultimately qualified second behind his teammate Mark Webber – initially blamed his engineer.

“Why did you not tell me about Massa?” Vettel shouted to his engineer Rocky on the radio.

Vettel told reporters afterwards: “These things happen, it’s not Felipe’s fault at all. If anything it was my mistake.”

Outspoken Marko, however, hinted that he felt that Massa was playing a team role to boost Ferrari’s number one, Fernando Alonso.

“Massa was out in front of him with new tyres and a good pace and then he suddenly stopped his lap,” he told the Austrian broadcaster ORF.

Vettel, however, is adamant he just wants to move on.

“I don’t like all these discussions; we’ve had a lot of them lately,” he said.

Subbed by AJN.

  • muddles

    I hate to say it but Helmut is a Dick head. So is his love child Sebastian.
    OK OK, I know the latter can pedal a car but did you see his face in the interview after qualifying. He had to come up with some excuse why Mark beat him.

  • AlonsoFan

    Marko is a *u**k*r.Ferrari didnt whine when Vettel impeded Alonso in Japan.Finger boy and his daddy should learn.

  • Forza Ferrari

    F U Marko, you little b*tch! That stupid old man hasn’t anything besides whining all season long. Seriously, F U Marko!

  • Chris

    Clearly, Vettel has more brains than Marko. Marko blames Ferrari, Vettel wants to move on. Stupid.