Alonso deserves title more than Vettel says De la Rosa

Pedro De La Rosa (ESP) HRT Formula One Team and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari. Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Qualifying, Monza, Italy, Saturday 8 September 2012.Oct.13 (GMM) Fernando Alonso would be the worthiest winner of this year’s world championship, according to the Spaniard’s fellow countryman Pedro de la Rosa, who drives for the backmarker team HRT.

Ferrari‘s Alonso appeared the outright favourite to secure his third drivers’ crown this year until very recently, when first-lap crashes at Spa and Suzuka allowed reigning world champion Sebastian Vettel to close the gap to just 4 points.

“I still think and believe Fernando will win the title,” de la Rosa told AS newspaper in Korea. “Why not?

“I believe he deserves it, and usually you get what you deserve in sport. Things have happened to him recently but they can happen to others too.”

Asked if he really thinks Alonso ‘deserves’ the title more than back-to-back champion and German Vettel, de la Rosa answered: “Yes, he deserves it more.

“Fernando has not had the best car but he has always given the maximum of what he is able. And the two retirements were not his fault and not even his team’s.”

  • Disgusted with 2012

    That proves it. De la Rosa is a clown. Vettel’s retirements were also not his fault, nor the fault of the team – and benefitted Alonso as much as Alonso’s incidents (one of which was his fault) benefitted Vettel, and Hamilton’s issues have benefitted them both. Vettel also started the season with a car that was not up to par, which the team has fought as hard to correct as Ferrari has their own weaknesses. All of the top 5 deserve to win the WDC, Alonso, Vettel, Hamilton, Raikonnen, and Weber. They have all fought a hard fight this season, have had good and bad days, and are all representative of the top level of F1. De la Rosa is just stroking Ferrari, hoping for a future ride, perhaps using them to get himself into that Perez seat?