Red Bull: All in all we can be quite happy

Oct.12 (Red Bull) Drivers report on the first day of the Korean Grand Prix weekend, Round 16 of the Formula 1 World Championship, at Yeongam.

Car 2, Mark Webber:
“We had a pretty good program for today and I think both of us managed to get the most out of it. We’ll have a look where we can improve tonight in different areas; it’s always a compromise on a track like this with a bit of top speed in the first sector, then the last sector is pretty twisty in terms of rhythm – it’s a bit like Budapest, so you need a bit of downforce there. So far so good, we have good information and the guys will now get on with the job tonight.”

First Practice Session
Position: 3, Best Time: 1:39.575, Laps: 21
Second Practice Session
Position: 2, Best Time: 1:38.864, Laps: 33

Car 1, Sebastian Vettel:
“All in all we can be quite happy, but I think it looks extremely tight. I’m not happy with every run we had today, but I think the track was changing quite a lot this morning, it was better than we expected. This afternoon it was quite slippery to start with, but then I think it got a little bit better so, all in all the car felt alright and now we see what we can do for tomorrow. I think we have to improve ourselves to match the others.”
First Practice Session
Position: 5, Best Time: 1:40.088, Laps: 21
Second Practice Session
Position: 1, Best Time: 1:38.832, Laps: 33