Mercedes denies that Schumacher was sacked from the team

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes GP talks with Andy Shovlin (GBR) Mercedes Race Engineer. Formula One Testing, Day One, Jerez, Spain, Wednesday 17 February 2010.Oct.11 (GMM) Mercedes Formula One team chiefs Niki Lauda and Norbert Haug have denied reports that the German squad sacked Michael Schumacher.

Mere days after Mercedes signed Lewis Hamilton to be Nico Rosberg’s teammate next year, seven time world champion Schumacher announced that he is returning to retirement.

The obvious conclusion is that the 43-year-old German was pushed out of his seat against his will.

But Lauda, Mercedes’ new non-executive chairman, is quoted by Bild newspaper: “He was not forced out. I want to emphasise that very clearly.”

Faced with the same accusation about Schumacher being deliberately ousted, Mercedes’ Haug insisted: “That was not the case.

“Michael’s thought process about a contract extension was not yet complete, which we not only respected but also understood,” he told Sport Bild.

“Michael also understands that the team had to use that available opportunity when Lewis Hamilton was available.”

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  • Batloun


  • Baghi

    Kiss my white ass, Schumi is a best driver for all times, keep the stupid pilot (Rosberg), its most boring pilot i ever seen. Mercedes are going down :))

  • Hammad

    Christian Danner former F1 driver has urged Lauda to fire all the existing staff of Mercedes for producing such car that cannot even overtake Torro Rosso

    Mercedes is all set to finish 6th this season from 4th of last year.

    Micheal certainly raised his game his year but has been poorly let down by the team that’s why he was giving 2013 a thought about. He would have been in same misery in 2013 due to Mercedes.
    People only talk about the drivers who are challenging for wins and Hamilton wont be talked about in 2013 because he will be finishing 7th or 8th on the grid

  • Schumacher was sacked end of story

    German team, german driver, english driver brought in to replace said german driver, yeah right Schumacher was not sacked.

    Not only was Schumacher sacked he was sacked very publicly because Schumacher was not capable of developing the Mercedes cars. Schumacher’s development imput was a total failure.

    The difference between Mercedes and Ferrari was Ferrari had two full time developement teams doing all the leg work and Schumacher selfishly took credit as the one who developed the Ferrari’s.

    Now we know that Schumacher is not great at developing a car just like we know that his Ferrari days were because he had exotic tires from Bridgestone that were two seconds a lap faster then the tires Bridgestone supplied to the other teams and the other teams were not allowed to inspect or handle the tires Bridgestone gave to Schumacher and just like we know that Schumacher’s Benneton was found to have traction control in the electronics.

    Schumacher’s has been exposed as the fraud he really is, the past three years have shown he never was anything more then a mid pack driver.

    Yes Schumacher was rightfully sacked.

  • Mappu

    Who is the guy who cries everywhere that michael cheated with exotic bridges stone tires and electronic aides? He doesn’t know anything other than these rubbish words. Michael drove the under performing ferrari into race winning machine during 1995-99. Weather you or dislike michael you have respect him which nobody can emulate. In the past 3 years also flashes of his magic came out here and there.

  • Guest

    This guy who posted “Schumacher was sacked end of story” is the same one posted comments on article “Age counted against Schumacher believes Lauda” with his biased comments against schumi.

    Why don’t you stop posting such stupid comments? Get your facts before you post. Stop your Bridgestone comments which are all over the post. The tyres were made based on team requirement. Every team had different requirement based on what suits their car. It is not just Ferrari. It is not schumacher who ran traction control and got bridgestone tyres, it is the team.

  • McLarenfan

    @ Schumacher was sacked end of story:
    Hang a loo roll under your chin to catch the Sh!t coming out of your mouth you single celled mindless moron.
    You alone are a sick individual and you are trying to drag this site down to your level go troll else where.

  • Hunt

    @Schumacher was sacked end of story. Learn to spell before making comments on something you know nothing about moron.
    Every F1 fan knows that Ferrari was a success down to four main people. Todt, Brawn, Schumacher and Byrne. But at no point has Schumacher ever taken credit for developing Ferrari into a winning team. ps it’s Benetton not Benneton… you’ve obviously been watching F1 for about five minutes and think you know it all… it’s plainly obvious you know nothing but hearsay and incorrect rumors.

  • javalocco

    As I know Schumacher tyre was GOODYEAR in 1994 and struggle with worst GOODYEAR too in 1998 while other car already on better BRIDGESTONE.

    So why did he got special treatment from BRIDGESTONE just in 1 years ( started 1999) while the other car already got credit +2 year?

    It is “Gary Anderson” from BBC rubish words.
    He said that he did not allow even to see the tyre Ferrari use. Ridiculous, of course Ferrari and no team would not allow any rival team to analyse their BRIDGESTONE trye usage.

  • Akash

    Hey… If thats the fact why ferrari were able to win only 2 titles after he went… You jackass jus look the fact… Why didn’t Barrichelo can’t achieve what he achieved.. In his 1st race for Jordan he Ran as high as 3rd… In that season that season tat car was able to qualify iside the top 10 for a single time… Even with tat machinery he ran 3rd

  • Venezia

    All merc can do is deny when it is all obvious like it is obviuosly all cr ap!

  • Schumachers fans panties are in a wad again

    Facts can’t be denied, it has been very well documented that Bridgestone supplied a tire to Ferrari that no other team was allowed to have or even look at.

    Bridgestone did not make special tires for any other team, the rest of the team had to use a common tire that was different from what Ferrari got.

    Why do you think so many teams went with Michelin when they came on board? The only top team Bridgestone had left was Ferrari and once Michelin started to get their tires working they started to beat those special Bridgestone’s on Schumacher’s Ferrari.

    You Schumacher fans need to clean the plexiglass window in your tummies, well that or just pull your heads out of your rear ends so you can see clearly for once.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    In reading Schumacher’s comments, it appears he was feeling worn down by three years of poor performance, both on his own part, and that of Merc as a team. His delay in negotiating a contract extension was based on his feeling a conflict between liking to drive, but not liking the results, so he just let it ride. When the Hamilton opportunity came up, he allowed it to play out without objection, allowing it to make a decision he was not ready to make himself, and freeing him of having to make the choice. Michael remains one of the most skilled drivers in motorsport. He will be missed in the sport, and should be allowed a free pass from all the hateful, undeserved B.S. aimed his way, as it serves no productive or worthwhile purpose at this point. Fairwell to MSC, it’s sad to see such a spectacular run come to an end in controversy, but that can’t be helped with someone of his presence and contribution for so many years.