Schumacher had talks with Sauber and Ferrari reveals Lauda

(L to R): Niki Lauda (AUT) with Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes GP. Formula One World Championship, Rd 2, Australian Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Saturday 27 March 2010.Oct.9 (GMM) Niki Lauda has claimed that Michael Schumacher turned to Sauber and even Ferrari once he knew that he would lose his Mercedes seat.

Austrian triple world champion Lauda, who has joined Mercedes as non-executive chairman, insists that the seven time world champion lost his seat only because his decision-making period about the future beyond 2012 was so prolonged.

He says Mercedes had to look around for alternatives, and closed a deal with Lewis Hamilton.

“We have seen how fast-moving and ruthless Formula One is, with Mercedes responding extremely quickly once Hamilton was available,” former F1 driver Alex Wurz told the Austrian broadcaster ORF.

Lauda revealed to the German broadcaster RTL that, once Schumacher realised Mercedes’ future was with Hamilton, the 43-year-old German “talked to Sauber and telephoned Ferrari”.

But he ultimately decided, on the Tuesday before the Japanese grand prix, to retire.

However, if both the Hamilton signing and Schumacher’s decision happened at around the same time, why didn’t Mercedes delay the Hamilton announcement so that Schumacher could avoid the perception that he was pushed out?

Team boss Ross Brawn explains: “Once we knew Lewis was coming to the team, we had to respond quickly, because Lewis wanted McLaren to know about the new situation.

“He has been with them for a long time and wanted to deal with them fairly. So once it was clear, we made it public.”

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  • Mappu

    I feel that the great german should have been allowed to announce his retirement first and later mercedes could have announced hamilton’s arrival. That is way you should respect the seven times champ irrespective of his achievements on his second carrier with such a below par car produced by mercedes.

  • Mappu

    I also suspect lauda’s hand in pushing micheal out of contract for 2013. With such a poor machine and development plan hamilton could have done nothing spectacular. Also there won’t be any major change in regulations mercedes can’t do anything spectacular next year even with hamilton and he’s rightly acknowledged by saying no wins expected in 2013. Finally after 1or2 seasons mercedes will fire all lauda, hamilton and others or else pull out from f1.

  • McLarenfan

    Why is Lauda telling people this I was always under the impression these talks were private and he had nothing to do with getting Hamilton “Lies all Lies”. Next he will be informing us when Schumacher has a 1 or 2 in the bathroom more so if it will get his 5 seconds of fame again.

  • fsdsdgsdg

    Shut up Lauda Loudmouth, just shut the F up. You are nothing compared too him and will never be. Couldn’t keep an airline company from bankrupcy why would he be capable of running an F1 team? Als he wants is to make Michael look even worse after his forced retirement by saying Sauber and Ferrari didn’t want him, that’s what he’s really implying the wanker!

  • get over it already

    You Schumacher fans need to get over it already. Schumacher suckered Mercedes into a three year contract and Schumacher could not perform.

    All you Schumacher fans were all saying Ferrari will take him or McClaren will take him when the fact is no teams want him including Mercedes.

    After Rosberg gets his butt handed to him next year by Hamilton you are going to see just how bad Schumacher really is.

    Schumacher has been exposed as the hack he really is. Take away those exotic Bridgestone tires that were two seconds a lap faster then the tires they supplied to other teams and well you now see the true Schumacher.

  • adiklk

    True! he(MSC) should have been allowed a respectable re-retire…but he was still just a front, the face that F1 needed…”look at this guy, he can win all the time”.The true “legends” as they call MSC are Kimi(he had races and races when he started at the back of the pack and on the last lap gained 1st place and win) and many others.”you need to pull in to prevent further damage to the car” actually means “let MSC overtake you…he needs to win…

    I hope that “need” and “deserve” get the rightfull recognition…Deserve(1st),Need(DNF) and everything in between…well…just let the drivers decide!

    As a final word:so what the other teams didn’t want him, so what he was pushed out, he deserves a taste of it, and real F1 people know what I mean…

  • Evel

    @get over it already – you’re an idiot and you don’t know what you’re talking about. Did Schumacher have Bridgestone
    tires in 94, when he was blowing away Senna in the first few races, in 95 or indeed in 96 when he drove the Ferrari so spectacularly despite being an absolute dog of a car?

    You ignorant fool!
    Don’t be jealous because you’re a loser in every department in your life! Schumacher won 7 titles, give him the credit he deserves for that amazing achievement.

    Schumacher has proved himself alongside such greats as Senna, Prost, Hakkinen, right through to Raikkonen and Alonso.
    The only reason why Rosfag WAS getting the better of him was because Schumacher is almost twice his age!
    Rosfag wouldn’t have close during Schumi’s prime and he is a good driver.

    Just the fact that Schumacher is still able to be competitive at this level at his age (and incidentally be more competitive than
    Rosburg this year) is an amazing feat in itself which deserves your respect you uneducated failure!

  • Grow up little boy


    You just can’t accept the fact that Schumacher was never really that good. Take away the traction control that was found in the Benneton electronics and the Bridgestone exotic tires and Schumacher is just a mid pack driver at best as he proved the past three years.

    Facts are a real b!tch!!!!!

  • javalocco

    Schumi : I retired
    Brawn : We can not give michael good car
    Lauda : I didn’t push Hamilton move

    Other scene

    Schumi : I retired
    Monisha : There is no contact from Schumacher
    Lauda : Schumacher had talks with Sauber

    Who is the liar?

  • VEne

    lauda brawn and the rest are a bunch of low lifes. you are all nuts. whatever your alibi is it doesn’t justify what you did to schumi! and niki lauda don’t be too obsessed with schumi that you keep on inventing stuff to be on the news. you are much much more beyond f1 that you shouldn’t be remembered.

  • VEne

    does anybody think lauda looks and acts and is really the real hell boy? i do think so. really do!!! enjoy your moment of fame which you desperately and definitely lack of!

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    @get over it already
    I really hate people like you.. Only know how to criticize other people… Why don’t you try driving an F1 car at his age, see how you feel? Better you don’t talk sh*t here, man… Go to hell, dog.

  • fapper

    @get over it already: you’re such an asshole dude. schumacher won his 1st title using GOODYEAR tires FYI.

    @Matthias O’keeffe: yeah, his age plays a factor in his performance as well.

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    Finally somebody understands..

  • Hammad

    Lauda continue saying bla bla bla . . . .

  • Once a cheater always a cheater


    Schumacher also was found to have traction control in his Bennetons electronics.

    Once a cheater always a cheater.

  • cheah yin yep

    why lauda always has something to say about shumacher??? whats wrong with him? he praises someone today, and the next min he could be the other way around.

  • Sam

    Lauda is an old fart.