Danner urges Lauda to fire Mercedes technical staff

Christian Danner (GER) RTL Presenter. Formula One World Championship, Rd 4, Spanish Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Barcelona, Spain, Saturday 12 May 2007. DIGITAL IMAGEOct.9 (GMM) Ex-F1 driver turned pundit, Christian Danner, has called on Niki Lauda to fire Mercedes staff responsible  for producing such a below par race car for Michael Schumacher and Nico Rosberg to compete with this year.

Lauda, Austria’s triple F1 world champion, has been signed on as Mercedes’ non-executive chairman – effectively a decision-making link between the German marque’s Stuttgart headquarters and the racing team in the UK.

So far, he has negotiated Mercedes’ new Concorde Agreement deal and lured Lewis Hamilton onto the team for 2013.

RTL commentator Danner, a former driver, now wants Lauda to axe staff.

“The people who built this car should really all be fired,” he told Bild newspaper.

“It can’t be that you drive all around the world for nine months only to find that your car is as fast as a Toro Rosso,” added Danner.

Danner said it is now up to Lauda to put things right.

“He is responsible to make the next decisions. And those decisions will primarily be about the personnel.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • fsdsdgsdg

    Danner is doosh, on rtl and in inside grand prix on motors he always acts like he’s the GURU of F1 while he didn’t achieve anything in F1. Who is he to call Lauda to take such action? On RTL he is always biased in his comments. Don’t like him and don’t like Lauda anymore (nonetheless he is a childhood hero and a living legend)

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Ywah, here’s the plan. Let the most technically savvy and talented driver in F1 history retire without securing any connection with him at all. Replace that driver with a rock star Diva with no technical skills, other than twitter battering team and team mates when things are not perfect. Yeah, and look to him to be team builder, that’ll work. Now, fire the technical staff and start fresh, including tossing Brawn under the bus. Now, take this to the Daimler board and tell them you need three more years of building to get it off the ground. Yep, sounds like a formula for success to me – and the reason that there are NO teaams run by ex F1 drivers. Ex drivers suck as team managers in F1, and is the just one more of many mistakes Merc has made going into 2013. Why not layer firing the tech staff on that, it’s the trifecta of disaster for the tri-star team!

  • ?

    @Disgusted with 2012
    I’m not sure about that: Horner was a driver for Arden, and H.Marko used to race back in the 60s (Not that too many people like them). I think Brabham managed his own team before Bernie (Or was it Bernie from the start?) Ecclestone

  • grat

    Is that the technical staff who were hired too late to make a difference to the 2012 chassis, or the technical staff who produced a car that won in China this year?

    And ultimately, I believe Lauda’s job is to function as a liaison between Mercedes-Brackley and Mercedes-Stuttgart, and the “Team Principal” plaque is still on Ross Brawn’s door.

    On the plus side, both Schumacher and Rosberg have independently scored more points this season than Danner did in his F1 career.

  • Nick

    Ref.: ‘Disgusted with 2012’/Hamilton. I suppose that’s why they call it TWIT-ter!
    Listen Daimler Benz couldn’t give a rat’s bum if AMG Petronas wins. They need a development platform for parts that will end up on their production vehicles, and they do not care whose careers they destroy. Lauder is the perfect Benz gofer, respected among the F1 community and attracts public sympathy for his ‘horrific’ injuries. As for firing the tech staff, we have a proverb in our neck of the wood which states,’a fish rots from the head first’.

  • sarvsammat

    So sad news but god help you and keep it up dear.