New flexi front wing saga set to erupt in F1

Red Bull Racing RB8 front wing detail. Formula One World Championship, Rd14, Singapore Grand Prix, Practice, Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore, Friday 21 September 2012.Oct.3 (GMM) A new controversy about flexible front wings could be about to erupt, according to Auto Motor und Sport.

The magazine said that McLaren has developed a front wing which moves around the horizontal axis, with Red Bull following suit with a similar idea which appeared in Singapore recently.

The report said that the FIA, despite clamping down on past ‘flexi wing’ sagas by ramping up the scrutineering tests, will study the latest designs closely this weekend at Suzuka.

AM&S reported that Ferrari complained to the governing body about the latest designs, prompting “several discussions” between FIA officials and McLaren team boss Martin Whitmarsh.

The magazine’s analysis said that the secret of the new wings is the supporting pillars, which allow the wing to twist about the transverse axis.

Red Bull was the first to recognise the trick, launching a slightly longer nose in Singapore allowing an “even more extreme” wing movement than on the McLaren.

The FIA’s reaction could be to introduce a ‘torsion’ test.

McLaren’s Whitmarsh on Wednesday played down the story.

“From time to time questions and disputes arise between teams, who feel that other teams are too flexible or whatever,” he said during the regular Vodafone teleconference.

“I don’t envisage any particular problems for McLaren in that regard, and consequently I don’t think that it is anything that will harm us.”

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  • cheaters

    The teams know the rules and this is just out right cheating. Strip all championship points from both teams and their drivers to teach them a lesson.

    That is the only way they are going to get these teams in line.

  • f1fan

    why you so butt hurt man?

  • McLarenfan

    There is a limit to flexibility that is allowed so what is your problem the previous Vertical flexibility was against the regulations.
    Your response is out of order.

  • Nemo

    LOL @ f1fans comment.

    @cheaters, if it passes scrutineering, how can it be cheating?

  • Clueless

    You people are just as clueless as the FIA. If the rules state the wings are not to flex then build the damn wings so they do not flex. Just because multi-million dollar teams can out smart some minimum wage sucker in a tech inspection does not mean the team has not cheated.

    If a team is found to have broken the rules and designed their wings to flex at speed then hit em hard and this kind of cheating will stop pretty damn fast.

    Making up excuses just because it is a team you pull for is just a cop out on your part.

  • Nemo

    @Clueless, the rules do not state there is to be no flexing. The rules state no more than 10mm @ 100kgs.

  • asdf

    If something is intentionally designed to become a movable aero device then I think it does not matter if it passes the flexing test or not. This is reaching absurd limits and sooner or later they will have to start using real measures, probably not stripping out given points but introducing race bans for clear infringements of technical regulations.

  • Anthony Wilkie

    What is absurd is the notion that you want to punish innovation especially when it is within the rules. F1 is all about bending the rules to suit your needs, and from what I’ve gathered, it always has been. If you want a boring series where every car is the same, watch NASCAR (even though it’s been alright this year). That stuff has no place in F1. I personally like ABS, active suspension, and traction control (to a lesser degree) in my road cars and those things would not have been as well developed without F1. I’m sure there are other great examples as well. Either way, hike up your skirt and stop whining.