Kubica on road back to F1 after another rally win

Robert Kubica during the Citta di Bassano rallyOct.2 (GMM) Robert Kubica has taken yet another step on his long road back to Formula One, by winning the Citta di Bassano rally in northern Italy.

“I still have a long road in front of me,” the former BMW and Renault F1 driver said afterwards.

“But this shows the road is not as long as we thought,” added Kubica, referring to his extended recovery from a horror rally crash in early 2011.

The main problem for the 27-year-old now is the mobility of his right arm.

Turning a steering wheel inside the narrow confines of a single seater is currently not possible for Kubica.

But his arm surgeon Igor Rossello is confident.

“Currently, we estimate his recovery at 50 per cent,” he told the Polish source Gwizdek24.

“I assume that we will make it back to 75 to 80 per cent, which would be quite sufficient to drive an F1,” added Rossello.

“I have spoken with his manager Daniele Morelli, who is as excited about his progress as I am,” he said.

“I am convinced that it [returning to F1] is possible, although the recovery can often take many months and years.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • stenu

    Which team will take a driver who has 75% use of his right arm? No offence, Bob, but I think you’re headed towards a big disappointment.

  • J

    Stenu, u dont have to worry about it..there are few teams that are waitin for him. He already showed us that he is still quick as hell, and rest is talent……..nothing is impossible.

  • common sense

    Running in some minor rallys is hardly proof he is ready for Formula One.

    It is also very doubful that several teams are waiting for his return in Formula One. The fact is his Formula One career is over. About the only one who may wish for Robert to return would be a driver like Alonso who fears an equal team mate. Alonso would never have to worry about a handicaped driver being able to beat him.

    Even Schumacher who is fit does not have but one team and even that is a long shot interested in him. Anyone who thinks the big teams are steppin all over each other for a chance at Robert are fooling themselves.

    The fact is Kubica no faster then Heidfeld and remember that Kubica’s only win came at the expense of BMW/Sauber using team orders telling Heidfeld to follow Kubica.

  • Max Smoot

    Originally I would have agreed that Kubica’s career was over after the rally crash but his determination recently has demonstrated a remarkable tenacity somewhat like Alex Zanardi’s rebound from disaster. If the interior of an F1 cockpit could be suitably configured (and no one can say that this isn’t possible), then it is easy to imagine a midfield team looking for a major boost to consider Kubica. The media value alone could generate all sorts of value.

  • fools

    “Alonso who fears an equal team mate”

    Are you smoking the crack pipe bro?

    You my obviously have NO common sense. Hence your name.

  • G

    Kubica is running out of time. I think that of he doesn’t return by 2014 he won’t be back at all.

  • AlsoRan

    The world of current F1 drivers is small….
    12 teams, 24 drivers.
    Young, fast and quick, some groomed, abound.
    Robert would be an unknown quality.
    Even his surgeon said he would never fully recover.
    Sorry Robert, I just don’t see a comback.

  • Hawk

    @common sense
    common sense indeed.. I agree, apart from from the Alonso troll..

  • Matthias O’keeffe

    @common sense

    Just shut ur mouth and stop talking shit.. You’re an annoying a**..