Ecclestone still pushing to stop V6 turbo engine era

BMW F1 Turbo engineSep.29 (GMM) Bernie Ecclestone seems determined to scrap Formula One’s engine regulation change set to be introduced for the start of the 2014 season.

The F1 chief executive recently visited Ferrari‘s Maranello headquarters, where he heard the ‘tamer’ sounds of the incoming turbo V6 engine.

“Even [Ferrari president] Luca di Montezemolo said it [that] sounded terrible and didn’t like it,” Ecclestone told the Hindustan Times.

The 81-year-old Briton tipped FIA president Jean Todt to “get rid of it”.

“I think Luca is also saying we should suspend it for two or three years. I think it is sensible to get rid of it and stick with what we have got,” added Ecclestone.

Subbed by AJN.

  • Rabih fares

    Hope it will never be…
    V6 engines,the badest thing to happen to F1!

  • Go away Bernie

    Forumla one has had v-6 enignes before and it was just fine in fact Formula one has even had 4 cylinder engines and they were fine.

    Bernie needs to just go away he is nothing but a trouble maker. I hope he ends up in a germin jail for the rest of his sorry life.

  • Bec

    That’s not how it was reported in the German motorsport press.

    They reported that Ecclestone, Montezemolo and Todt met at Maranello Before the Italian Grand Prix.

    While at Ferrari’s HQ, Ecclestone visited the engine department and heard a live V6 running on the dynamometer.

    ‘Bernie Ecclestone was persuaded by the sound of the engine.’

  • Paul C

    bernie has just lost it daft old bugger. it makes very little difference aslong as all the cars have the same engine.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Good! Yes, let’s ditch the V6 turbos and go back to the real beasts of V10’s and V12’s! What is this nonsense with saving money anyway?! Formula 1 should always be the pinnacle of motorsport, with the most outrageous beast engines and advanced technology. Saving money and Formula 1 do not go together. Bring back the V10’s and V12’s!!!

  • PlopFace

    Yes their were small displacement V6 turbos in the past but those things were pushing 1000+ hp. These will be making about half that hp. You will never get the same quality or decibel of sound out of a turbo engine because the turbo itself acts as a muffler. They’re not going to sound great. It’s a bad idea considering the drastic increase in price for an engine that makes less hp and sounds worse.

  • McLarenfan

    I remember that it was also published on here.

  • McLarenfan

    Just to prove Bec right the link is top of the pile before comments on this page.

  • fapper

    bernie needs to wear a hearing aid to appreciate even more the sound of a v6 turbo engine.

  • Joe Kinnear

    Just bring back the V10s.