Schumacher: It did not go as well as we all would have wanted

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes GP talks with Andy Shovlin (GBR) Mercedes Race Engineer. Formula One Testing, Day One, Jerez, Spain, Wednesday 17 February 2010.

At times Michael Schumacher was frustrated during his return to F1 with Mercedes

Sep.28 (Reuters) Michael Schumacher’s departure from the Mercedes Formula One team was sealed on Friday after the seven-time world champion had recorded only one podium finish since his comeback in 2010, bringing to disappointing end to an unsuccessful stint at Mercedes and making a big dent in the seven time world champion’s sparkling racing record.

14Nov2010 Abu Dhabi GP Yas Marina Circuit. Michael Schumacher (Mercedes GP) crashes with Vitantonio Liuzzi (Force India) on the first lap. Photo by Paul VelascoSchumacher, 43, the sport’s most successful driver with a record 91 grand prix victories, will be replaced in 2013 by Lewis Hamilton, who has signed a three-year deal with the British-based team.

Critics and some fans had viewed his return sceptically, saying Schumacher had nothing more to prove and too much to lose going up against a younger generation of drivers that included fellow-German Sebastian Vettel.

Schumacher, who had retired in 2006, at the time claimed he had come full circle after Mercedes’ support early in his career.

“Mercedes supported me for so many years when I began my Formula One career and now I can hopefully give something back to the brand with the star,” he said on the day of his official presentation.”

Vettel, almost 20 years his junior, went on to win consecutive world titles in 2010 and 2011, completely overshadowing Schumacher’s return to racing, especially in his native Germany.

SINGAPORE - SEPTEMBER 23:  Michael Schumacher of Germany and Mercedes GP crashes with Jean-Eric Vergne of France and Scuderia Toro Rosso during the Formula One Grand Prix of Singapore at Marina Bay Street Circuit on September 23, 2012 in Singapore.  (Photo by Vladimir Rys/Getty Images)

By Friday even the most die-hard Schumacher fans had come to the bitter realisation that his comeback had not been what they expected.

“I have had three nice years with the team which unfortunately did not go as well as we all would have wanted on the sporting side,” Schumacher said in a brief statement .

Schumacher made his F1 debut at Spa in 1991 and took his first race win there the following year with Benetton, going on to win seven world titles with them and Ferrari.

But he has not won a race since 2006, with a third place in Valencia this year his only podium spot. The once shrewd tactician had even failed to realise it at the time of the race until the team told him after he crossed the line.

Once F1’s leading player, with his return Schumacher quickly became a character actor in a sport that had long since found fresh-faced leading men to replace him.

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes AMG F1 W03 crashed in the second practice session. Formula One World Championship, Rd10, German Grand Prix, Practice, Hockenheim, Germany, Friday 20 July 2012.His once trademark ice cool driving and steely resolve for victory was now being labelled as reckless driving in a bid to catch up with the competition that was gradually pulling away for good.

His latest transgression, smashing into the back of rookie Jean-Eric Vergne’s Toro Rosso at the Singapore Grand Prix last week landed the German a 10-place penalty for the Japanese Grand Prix in Suzuka on Oct. 7 on what could be the start of his farewell tour.

“He has no reason for any regret even though his comeback did not go as he would have liked,” said Austrian Niki Lauda, a triple world champion, who will join Mercedes as a non-executive chairman of the board.

“His statue will not see any cracks because of that. He just did not have a top car in those three years.”

Even though some may think – including former driver Marc Surer – that Schumacher could potentially opt to continue with another, albeit smaller, team, fans, especially in Germany are preparing for racing life without him.

“Personally for me he is first big [German] sports icon, the one person representing German sport,” said Germany’s Olympic discus champion Robert Harting, a racing fan.

“Obviously it is a great loss when it ends but now others need to jump in. I obviously hope Sebastian [Vettel] will do it.”

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  • McLaren Fan

    He just did not have a top car in those three years is the biggest understatement of the century.
    The car has let him down the team have let themselves down and rather than tarnish the brand they hope by bringing Lewis in that will make the difference try developing the car and not trying to benefit from 1 device.
    Michael Schumacher has every reason to hold his head high he has tried dragging this sh!t car round and the fact is the car is lower than Red Bull Mclaren Ferrari Lotus given that and it falls to bits what can anyone expect.

  • Speedo

    I feel he should not have come back. He had nothing to prove. I wish he had got a few race wins during the three years. A sad end. The rules governing racing then and now are different. The stewards would have had a dim view with his escapades and would have had many penalties then. All the same he is a champion and there is no doubt about it.

  • luiz

    I never though about MS as that extraordinary driver everyone hypes…

    He never had real competition inside the team, and even outside, for most of his career the second (supposedly) best driver (or the only one who could really challenge him was in a far inferior car…

    He was just the Senna substitute Ecclestone needed… Nothing more… Good races in non-top car in his career beginning? Many did that… Alesi comes to mind… Winning in inferior car? (but how inferior if the teammate could not use eletronic devices he was using…) Well, winning in inferior cars was also achieved by Panis, Fisichella and the likes…

    The truth is he run away from Kimi when Ferrari said they need a better teammate for him…
    The excuse of “oh, I want to retire before my performance drops” was later discarded when he came from retirement…

    Why not face Kimi? Now he indeed has the excuse he is losing to Rosberg because of age…

    Mercedez a bad car? Well, Rosberg won a GP… He also could have won (at least that GP)…

    He was very lucky in his career in not having the number of quality drivers there are today, and enjoy a car with no teammates designed by the best engineers around him and with tyres designed exclusively to him (Bridgestone), which made other teams knock Michelin’s door, begging for a long time development (they knew it, but that was the only option, cause Bridgestone would always be for Ferrari/MS).
    Only after several years of Michelin development was another team able to challenge Ferrari, and during this time, collecting WDC and winning GPs was just trivial…

    I dont endorse the chorus of “he has nothing more to prove”, as he obviously had no competition in his whole career, and now that he has (well we dont know if Rosberg is that exceptional driver, do we?), he is overdriven squarely by Nico…

    Not that he is not a great driver, but to be considered a top 5 or 10 should take more than a meaningless and biased statistics (at least for those a little bit knowledgeable in math sciences)

    Schumaker who? (as Alonso mechanics displayed in his T-shirt)

  • huwon9

    Michael Schumacher was not invincible during his prime. Fernando Alonso defeated Michael Schumacher twice for the Driver’s Championship when the Ferrari was a superior race car.

  • hillside

    he went back just to have fun and relax. the priority is to help the team to and develop the car

  • Robert B.

    Surely, you don’t believe Michael didn’t have credible competition driving during his championship years? Let’s start out with his early years, Aryton Senna, Berger, Alesi, Mansell, come to mInd.

    During his Ferrari years, Hakkinen, Coulthard, Alonso, Villenueve, Hill, Raikenon, Montoya also come to mind.

    Sounds like to me there bunch of Schumacher haters, but the question remains, is he over the hill?? IDK, personally I say no, the car was crap, period. The car had a balance issue when it had full tanks it was a pig, on light tanks it was fast, but by then the race was done. Ross Brawn sold out, he was at Ferrari when Schumacher was ousted, and again at Mercedes.

    Who knows, if schu hadn’t been forced out at the prancing horse we could have been looking at a 9 time champion!!

  • RoyA

    @ luiz, shut up you idiot..

  • Dirk Lehmeier

    Michael was good for the sport and continued to bring Formula One to what it is today. He came at the right time when excitement about drivers like Berger, Alesi, Senna and Piquet came to an end. The Playboy area was finished and guys like Lauda, Hunt and Irvine could not perform in Formula One anymore as the cars and the technic became so important as well as complicated. And as much as you needed good drivers, you really needed developers and Michael was a very good driver and an even better developer ( well, he was a mechanic after all ). And we we count the miss-haps and unfortunate endings in many controversial fights on the race track, he could have easily been at least 9-times World Champion.
    He is a racer and content with having at one stage One Billion Dollar net worth. He raced Motorbikes more or less competitive before deciding to return to F1. Even today, at 43, in a bad car, he is still better than two Thirds of the existing F1 driver field.
    Which ever way he goes, he will always remain a great sportsman.

  • tony sullivan

    Finally! Three years ago i wrote on every site I could find that his return was a bad idea – Now, he has done the correct thing and opened a seat more suited to a young charger that will entertain us with exciting drives rather than shunts – F1 will benefit

  • luiz

    “Let’s start out with his early years, Aryton Senna, Berger, Alesi, Mansell, come to mInd.”

    Berger? Alesi? Are you serious?
    He indeed beat Ayrton in 4 races in 1994 when his team was suddenly prohibited to use active suspension and electronics short time ago, and was still looking for engineers to fulfill the mechanics suspension department… (Remember some teams took a while to make good engineers work well together)

    In his first (half) season, he was on pair with a retiring and unmotivated Piquet… I would expect a supposedly best driver in history to beat fair and square a retiring bon vivant…

    “During his Ferrari years, Hakkinen, Coulthard, Alonso, Villenueve, Hill, Raikenon, Montoya also come to mind.”

    Oh and now Hill were a good driver? (a test driver, and at most a Senna #2)

    And among these, who were in a car with conditions to fight for WDC????????????? (Probably only Raikonen in those years that he was WDC. And Kimi in a one-year old car that was the moral WDC if not for the sudden obligation for Michelin to build new tyres for all teams in a week or two from Monza…).

  • Tifosi

    28th September 2012…a day that would be remembered forever in history of Motorsport for the following:

    Hats off to the Mercedes AMG Petronas team to pull off possibly the biggest Driver coupe in recent history…

    Mercedes AMG Petronas…Thankyou for basically elbowing out the Great MSC …good going. You would never be forgiven for what you have just done…remember this …Schumi had done a big favour when he signed for Mercedes..He had put his reputation as the ‘Greatest Driver Ever’ at stake, but you gave him a car that was never competative..It was very painful for all us fans to see Schumi failing because of the car.. We just respected Merc because of Micheal..If it were not for Micheal I bet you would not have the fan following you have currently..You would have been there somewhere competing with Marussia or HRT .Its a shame that the team has given him the worst car that he has ever driven. It is the greatness of Schumi that he never stopped motivating the team. That is what makes great dirvers not just a driver who can drive, unlike the one you just adopted. You think Hamilton is a great driver. On track he could be but he does not have the nack of motivating the team as good as Micheal did always, be it Benetton or Ferrari. If it were not for MSC the car would not have been even running as a Mid Level team for the past 3 years…

    Mr. Lewis Hamilton congratulations on signing up to basically go nowhere for the next 3 years….probably for a few more millions you have dug your own grave…I am actually very unhappy at the situation because now Alonso would not have a worthy opponent on the track to fight other than say Vettle ofcourse but he needs a good car to do so just like KIMI, that is where there is a diffrence between drivers like MSC or currently ALONSO…that ability to always pull out more that what the car can produce whether it is a good or bad vehicle…you come under the Vettle category…

    You think you are doing something like Micheal did when he got into Ferrari in 1996, but remember Micheal did it all in a planned move, it was not a sudden change from Benetton but a process in which he knew the team could be developed into a potentially winning combination…but even that took him 4 years to get the championship finally….and also at that point it was a known fact that Benetton was only to go downhill as it sure did…unlike Mclaren who well are Mclaren..enough said…I only hope that you have planned it out likewise or you might as well kiss even imagining race victories goodbye let alone winning championships…I hardly understand the point of a switch you backstabbing prick..You are ditching the people & team who got you here, made you what you are & those doors would forever be closed from now…

    A few tips I would like to give is stop whining every-time the car is not good or something bad happens …stop twiterring your shit after every-race coz that does not help…you have the chance of a fresh start and I hope you capitalize on that…coz you have that zeal of a class race driver and that I know and appreciate..ALL the very best..

    Finally my idol MSC …remember that we, your fans are always there by your side to support you no matter what decision you make for the next year and the future. But if you can take my advise I suggest leave Mearcedes completely, please do not keep any associations with them on or off the track. You deserve far far more than what they have offered or rather taken away from you. There is no future with this team …they are backstabbers just like the one they have adopted yesterday…there is no future than well financially with them…& we know better you are not about that….
    Also, I would suggest you shift back to Ferrari if you wanna keep racing in F1, I am sure the guys are waiting for you with open arms…..a drive in 2013 with the prancing horse would be the ideal way to end things..ofcourse it makes sense only if Fellipe were not to continue…but that is still to be decided right…
    Please refrain from getting into any of the lower run teams …
    You have nothing more to prove to anyone. You would always be a true champion, a class driver that any team would always aspire to have..
    Good Luck ….take care…

  • MoneyR


    That’s a lot of blabla-hate. You don’t know what drives Hamilton and his decisions, neither do I. I see a lot of people commenting about Hamilton being a moneywolf. At the same time I read MW stating that they offered Hamilton more than anyone else earns in F1.

    It’s okay to be frustrated at mercedes for “ditching” your idol. (Micheal was aware of every stage of the contract negotiations between Hamilton and Mercedes) But this is no reason to be hating on Hamilton. Loyality has it’s breakingpoint too. Yes, McLaren gave Hamilton a lot, but this goes in 2 ways..

    Hamilton got where he is now, because of his capabilities too not just Ron Dennis or McLaren.

    I really hope Hamilton & Brawn prove to a good combo to shut all the haters.

  • Tifosi

    @ MoneyR

    ok I get your point but read the article more carefully..this is what Dieter said…
    “We had a good time with Michael Schumacher,” Daimler CEO Dieter Zetsche told Welt newspaper, “however we did not achieve the goals that we set ourselves. That was the requirement for a contract extension.”

    Now am sure the goal was to make Merc a winning combination…ok that did not happen….but it is not only MSC the reason for that..also Merc has come back to F1 after about 6 decades as a fully owned team..buying Brawn who were champions then…hence they slipping down means that there is a huge imbalance within…not just MSC is the cause..

    Infact MSC never compalined or ridiculed the Team in the past 3 yrs even once…he only motivated them at all stages ….and please he definitely has what it takes to take the team futher…Hamilton could be the next MSC I dont deny that…but his time at Mclaren has only been about bitching around how bad the team is on various occasions..It is about the Driver standing up for the team during the worst of times that makes the mark of a great driver…consider Alonso or even Massa …if u dont wanna consider MSC …my point is only that ..LH needs to step up to the cause ..which would have been better done at Mclaren than running away to Merc…
    That’s just my opinion…

  • MoneyR

    People always say that Hamilton has been bitching on his team. I really really, don’t get this.

    At the beginning of the year, McLaren fucked up a lot of things. Me, as a Hamilton-fan, was even astonished by how cool Hamilton kept himself. He didn’t bitch.

    It’s like you’re mad at Hamilton for MERCEDES choosing him over Schumacher. Schumacher had a clausule, and he didn’t use it. What did you expect? Brawn to cover up for Schumacher untill all top drivers (Hamilton in this case) are sealed for 2013?
    You also need to understand that Mercedes is not from Brawn but a lot of others come look into this.

  • MoneyR


    It’s like you’re blaming Hamilton because Mercedes “got rid off” Schumacher. What did you expect then? Schumacher had a clausule, all he had to do is make use of it. He did not, therefore Mercedes decided to look for an AVAILABLE topdriver. Did you expect them to wait untill they had nobody left to sign when Schumacher would have decided to quit?

    Mercedes is a corporation, not only Brawn got things to say. I have a feeling that MSC-fans are trying to look for a black sheep.

    I actually hope MSC keeps on going in F1, but let’s not hate on Hamilton.

    Mercedes are well aware of what they are doing, so does Lewis. Signing the Hamilton, and the concorde agreement. I think there are things we don’t know. That’s what happens in a multi-(b)million industry.

  • Tifosi

    @Hawk & @MoneyR

    Please try to understand I have never blamed LH for MSC being left without a drive at Merc…yes it is MSC as well who has brought this on himself…
    I respect LH for the Driver he is …all I have said is that LH has to sort a few issues such as the immature behavior shown by him over the years..this is not expected of a champion….when u have a bad day u need to understand that the team is having a bad day as well…calling them names in various press and then the next day saying ohh am sorry really doesn’t help…if he says I wanna develope a team around himself ..well that’s fine…y then not do it at McLaren aint as if they a Backmarker in the standings…MW has himself said that he feels the decision to leave was not the best LH has taken…Concorde agreement or whatever ..LH leaving has all the hints of his not having the best of rapport within the team…believe me I know a couple of people within the McLaren garage(friends of friends) and they don’t seem to be that interested with him anymore…

    I don’t think MW or rather McLaren would have a problem paying LH what he wants or rather deserves…MW has already said so about matching or bettering the offer of Merc ….
    You talk about MW having JB & Perez…JB could probably pull of a good race here & there but winning the WDC or WCC would need him to have a car he had in Brawn..Basically better than anyone on the field…he definitely does not handle pressure well as say currently LH or Alonso..
    Perez has not been tested yet..not everyone can pull off a LH or Vettle in their first or second year with a Leading team as McLaren or RB..
    & about Telmex..well what was wrong about the earning to McLaren from LH currently+ u have a definitely good driver…..
    it’s just that Perez was the only best option available to them at the moment…think about that…..I hope for McLaren he turns to be a gr8 find…
    From what I understand LH was basically brainwashed by his management to sign with Merc…He has not really been in a position to make good career decisions all by himself to be frank…Merc would give him a lot more exposure to further the Hamilton brand…
    You talk about entertainment…is it really entertaining to see a driver such as LH to be fighting for some midfield points coz he does not have a good car or for McLaren to fight for midfield points coz they don’t have a good set of Drivers just because either parties want to sign a Concorde agreement or not break some bank….even Bernie knows better than that…& moreover to be frank Merc does not really need to be in F1…if they did they would not have left in the first place..well not considering being engine suppliers of course..
    look if you think it’s only entertainment for which you look into F1 & the above is ur mindset…then you might as well look for that in the before and after parties of F1 than the race itself…those are quite “Entertaining” as well mate…
    All am saying is I don’t understand the logic in shifting to Merc just coz LH wants to start building a team around him & take them forward …it would definitely have been much better to do that @ McLaren itself…who I think could offer far more than the “History in Merc” that LH keeps mentioning about..Infact I would feel bad if things don’t turn out to be good for LH at Merc…it would be about losing another Champion to better advertising campaigns…

  • Tifosi

    @MoneyR & @Hawk…

    To the recent comment about unrest within the Mclaren team towards Hamilton, please refer to this Weblink…you will have to translate it but it basically states clearly about the dislike from the Mclaren garage towards LH..

    MoneyR u talk about LH not bitching…please refer to the few following yallaf1 weblinks : I would be able to get you a 1000 more of these if u so require…

    Not to mention the recent Twittergate incident…

    Mate with this I have only reached upto the Belgium GP…just imagine what follows even before that…

    Seriously you think this is supporting your Teammates…you should be out of your freaking mind mate…

    these are a few ..if you truly follow F1…like an “old timer” like me …you would know very well what LH has been upto in the past few years except the first couple of years of his joining MclarenF1..enough said…

    Please refer to my comment further below to answer your other comments mate…

  • Tifosi

    Ok Weblinks dont seem to be accepted in comments here …they are as below…just put in “www.” before them..

    Refer to my comments below then…my apologies

  • Andrej

    The car was not fast enough..even we say Schumis results are bad – Rosbersgs are nothing special…Browns miracles are past…

  • luiz


    ” But if you can take my advise I suggest leave Mearcedes completely, please do not keep any associations with them on or off the track. You deserve far far more than what they have offered or rather taken away from you.”

    Like what? A superb car and a weak teammate???
    I dont understand MS fans:
    They keep claiming he can make miracles in a weak car, and he is the best ever. But when he receives a not superb car like Mercedes (actually a winning capable car, as Rosberg showned!!!) and a not so weak but not so strong teammate, he is the poor guy who did not get the special treatment he deserved…
    You guys make me laugh…

    “There is no future with this team …they are backstabbers just like the one they have adopted yesterday…there is no future than well financially with them…& we know better you are not about that….”

    Well, I just would like to meet you here again next year or two if LH manage to be WDC with them…
    You seem to forgot that Ross knows how to assemble a team and was the true responsible for all these MS superhero hysteria that keeps insisting it was all down to his talent. And he also was WDC with Button, in case you forget…
    Sour grape feelings???

    “Also, I would suggest you shift back to Ferrari if you wanna keep racing in F1, I am sure the guys are waiting for you with open arms…..a drive in 2013 with the prancing horse would be the ideal way to end things..ofcourse it makes sense only if Fellipe were not to continue…but that is still to be decided right…

    Funny… As if he would be willing to face a real teammate for once in his life… He cowardly ran away from Kimi, why would he not from Alonso????

  • Tifosi


    Ok luiz I want to clear the last point you mentioned first
    “Funny… As if he would be willing to face a real teammate for once in his life… He cowardly ran away from Kimi, why would he not from Alonso????”

    I don’t really get this statement that everyone seems to make..Kimi entered Ferrari because MSC decided to go….the reason MSC decided to leave was because he had achieved what he set-out to …which also included giving his teams(Benetton & Ferrari) all those championships..come on 7 WDC / really think keeping your moral up every year takes no energies out of a person…the reason he has made a comeback is his desire to race for Merc and an F1 car…mate if you love your job that kind of a respark could happen to the worst or best of us …
    also it was not as if they were to replace Felipe to make way for KIMI if MSC would have stayed for 07…mind you am talking about the 06-07-08 Massa and not the one we currently are looking at …for whatever unfortunate reasons that maybe..
    If you really think MSC was afraid of fighting it out with KIMI or anybody…remember he has out qualified every teammate he has had over the years..right from the start with Benetton against the likes of Nelson P. Senior…it is not his fault that he has had teammates who could not match his pace…if that were the case the championships of Alonso, Vettle or LH would not be great efforts…
    why on earth would he want to make a comeback after a 3 year sabbatical…it was not as if he dint know that there were the likes of ALONSO or LH to beat …let alone a chance for KIMI to make a definite comeback at some point…
    also enough said about MSC..he has won against the likes of many Greats that have blessed F1 with their driving skills…Senna, Mansel, Jaques, Mikka, Hill, and Prost to name a few…common mate… u think he seriously would be scared of a KIMI…(not that I do not respect the Iceman…he is a brilliant pilot as well)..
    So please not against your comments but MSC deserves better than a car he was given for the past 3 years and then to be shunted out like this… remember he won WDC and the WCC with Benetton after spending first 2 years there, the guy then went to Ferrari spending another 4 years before the string of 5 WDC….every driver needs time to build a team around him to eventually get there…unless you could spring a few surprises like with Brawn or RB…but those are rare…
    I want LH to wear the crown again…I just think he already had all he needs to get that done at McLaren…it’s just that he basically messed it all up himself…& then has frankly gone to Merc looking at the advertising exposure they would have brand LH to offer…to me he does not seem to have what it takes to build a team around him…but sincerely I hope he does it…good luck to him..coz all said he is a brilliant racer…
    Yes Mr. Brawn was instrumental in getting MSC his many championships ….but remember it was a whole pool of people there who were also instrumental in that…even Brawn had come to Ferrari along with MSC and many others from Benetton if you don’t already know…& also a good car needs also a good driver to get it done…also MSC has delivered better results out qualifying Nico almost always this year…he has had 7 DNF’s most of it out of his control…except Singapore ofcource
    Ross has not really been in position to achieve anything big since his Ferrari days..2009 was a fluke to be frank thanks to a loophole used to the greatest value..not that there is anything wrong with that…but if he was so brilliant with a small budget team as Brawn…y tell me he could not deliver any better than he did for the past 3 years with “Merc”…

  • C’mon

    “Ross has not really been in position to achieve anything big since his Ferrari days..2009 was a fluke to be frank thanks to a loophole used to the greatest value..not that there is anything wrong with that…but if he was so brilliant with a small budget team as Brawn…y tell me he could not deliver any better than he did for the past 3 years with “Merc”…”

    Can you please answer your own question? I’m really curious as to why the best driver to date and best engineer to date cant produce a winning car again. What do you think?

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Schumacher’s age and less sharp edge is but a small part of the failure at Merc. Brawn is the real problem. He was an outstanding technical director, but has proven to be a poor team principle, with one flash exception in 2009 – which faded as the season progressed. 2009 was founded on massive Honda investment over the winter, a diffuser trick (that others found solutions to), and Merc power that erased the Honda engine liability plus some. Since then, Brawn has repeatedly failed to deliver. The fact that he is now throwing Schumacher under the bus after handing his star driver a weak car and 5 DNFs in 2012 for mechanical failures, is cold betrayal. Adding Lauda to the mix is certainly not going to fix anything, nor is the mix of Lauda and Brawn as good as what exists within the top teams they need to beat – who also have excellent drivers in their seats. The biggest error Schumacher made was to trust Ross Brawn. Running over a couple of over-braking rookies is nothing in comparison.

  • The Truth Hurts!

    A drivers reputation can be cemented more when he’s not got the best car than when he has. Think Senna in 1993 – no chance of winning the title but extracting every ounce of what his McLaren had and scoring some brilliant wins, including his careers best at Donington. His reputation was built as much in his Toleman and Lotus days, and latter years at McLaren, as in 88, 90 and 91 when he won the title. Schumacher, conversely, isn’t widely considered as a true great despite winning 7 titles and 91 races, because many of them came with a huge advantage in machinery and tyres.

  • Tifosi

    Congratulations Michael Schumacher to a legendary career.

    Races have gone by, tires have burnt out, history has been created, the engines you drove roared with vigor and passion, winning championships with great performances had become a habit and you truly show that ever rising motivation to reach great heights with the teams you were in.
    You have grown stronger with every race inspiring the team and fans around you. No one may match the records you earned.
    Seen as an idol who has kept concentration and comfort all way long to glory.

    There have been times where things have gone bad but also recovered to prove again the mark of a Legend you had in yourself. Whether it be Belgium, Monza, Suzuka or Germany… you have made the best use of the hardwork that you and your team do on those precious cars driven anywhere.

    I admire the never give up attitude you have.You will always be remembered as the greatest driver of all time and my inspiration.
    Will miss you.You are Legend.