Lauda says Schumacher should have admitted mistake

Michael SchumacherSep.27 (GMM) Michael Schumacher should have immediately admitted his mistake after crashing in to the back of the Toro Rosso of Jean-Eric Vergne at the recent Singapore Grand Prix.

That is the view of Formula One legend Niki Lauda, commenting on the incident that has cost the seven time world champion ten places on the Suzuka grid and a fresh wave of critical press.

Despite apologising to Frenchman Vergne, Schumacher said immediately after the incident that he suspected it was caused by a technical problem with his Mercedes.

“What bothers me,” Lauda told Osterreich newspaper, “is that Michael didn’t say right from the beginning that he was to blame.”

The triple world champion said it is obvious Schumacher’s car was not the cause.

“If something had been wrong,” Lauda told Welt newspaper, “then the FIA would not have punished him.

“I would have preferred if he had admitted his mistake, because mistakes can happen to everybody.”

Lauda insisted, however, that it is too simplistic to surmise that, at 43, Schumacher is now too old for F1.

“That is all just stupid speculation by the same people who were saying the opposite after qualifying in Monaco,” he said.

“The accident might as well have happened to a twenty year old. It’s a cheap shot to say it’s about his age.”

Lauda therefore concluded that it would be “wrong” to connect Schumacher’s latest mistake with the protracted deliberations over the great German’s future.

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  • Steve Maximus

    Niki, which mistake do you mean? Blocking Alonso’s qualifying in Monaco? Pushing Barichello into the pitt wall? Using illegal electronic aids at Benetton? Having special Bridgestone tires for 5 years at Ferrari? Making his team mates pull over for him to win every race even when they were faster? Crashing into Villeneuve and Hill to try to win the world championship? Which mistake are you talking about? Oh just the recent one? Well if he didn’t apologize for all the others, why would he start now?

  • VEne

    He did apologize! what more do you want! for him to kneel down and beg? outrageous. stupid article yalla.

  • Nichole

    Shut up steve maximus any sport is like that today, who does not try anything to win, you must be from another world. Michael always admits when he is wrong, he wont make the same mistake twice in one year. All drivers try what Michael did to rubens, rubens is no saint. in any team when one driver is higher in points than the other he has to pull over to let the one who is closer to the c/ship lead. It is happening even now with Lotus. Old Lauda should shut up and get lost, he did not pave the way for german drivers, it was michael. At least he drove a real car not a robotic machine that they drive these days, these old guys like lauda and jackie stewart would never be able to drive a F1 car today. Shame on you lauda letting down your country.

  • [email protected]


    I Agree With You, But You Made A Mistake.

    All Of Them Speak GERMAN, Yes, But They Are Not All Germans.

    German Is Spoken In 3 Countries, GERMANY, AUSTRIA And Some Parts Of SWITZERLAND.



  • amy

    steve maximus = sour grapes

  • Indian

    LAUDA in Hindi langauage means PENIS!!!

  • kmr-galatasaray

    good old nicky receives the present for this comments and yes he has a top-class posiiton in the poor mercedes team