Red Bull wary of growing Alonso-Hamilton alliance

Ferrari British GP Silverstone Fernando Alonso Lewis HamiltonSep.26 (GMM) McLaren and Ferrari appear to have joined their lead drivers in an alliance against Red Bull.

Late last year, after Sebastian Vettel secured his second consecutive title, Italy’s La Stampa newspaper said that Lewis Hamilton and Fernando had formed a new friendship akin to an “unholy alliance”.

In 2007, the pair clashed spectacularly as McLaren teammates, but since Red Bull’s Vettel took his dominant grip, Ferrari’s Alonso and McLaren’s Hamilton are now ‘friends’, regularly praising one another and embracing in parc ferme.

According to Red Bull’s Dr Helmut Marko, the friendship is all about knocking Vettel off his dominant perch.

Asked by Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper if Austrian Marko is expecting Ferrari-McLaren ‘mind games’ in the dash to the 2012 finale, he admitted: “Yeah, sure. It is going to be intense.”

He noted as “interesting”, that McLaren and Ferrari, “who were enemies for decades, now suddenly are friends”.

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  • McLaren Fan

    Another Marko conspiracy theory.
    In his mind it is a way explain an event as being the result of an alleged plot by a covert group of drivers teams and the FIA against Red Bull.
    He also thinks the Alternators supplied to Renault are a plot against the Bulls.
    The man should put pen to paper and become the printed god on all things corrupt in F1

  • Lord Regardington

    All Formula 1 teams are involved in a massive conspiracy to prevent Red Bull from winning.

  • Aruba79

    Another stupid story by Red Bull. What a bunch of cry babies. Wankers !!

  • grat

    I think Marko forgot his meds again.

  • Stewy33

    Is the enemy of your enemy your friend?

  • f1 fan

    Thats good if youre not winning blame others ,what happened in 2011 !!
    they became friends out of respect for each other ,as they both know ,each others potential and capability of beating each other on the track. as far as the friendship between Mclaren and Ferrari is concerned , I doubt that may ever happen, all these are drivers are here to race and win titles, not make conspiracies and friends !!

  • Arsh

    Marko being Marko

  • Speedster

    If “Helmet”-head Marko can get a PhD then I think we have bigger worries in this world than a Ferrari-McLaren friendship.

    Ferrari and McLaren are rivals but there is a high level of respect between these two teams as they acknowledge each other’s long history of success.

    Red Bull are a drink company that purchased an F1 team and now think they are entitled to be on the same level as Ferrari and McLaren. What a joke.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Red Bull is as much a “real” team as Mercedes and Sauber. The team now known as Red Bull started as Stewart Racing (1996), then Ford, then Jaguar. That’s the a real F1 fixture Stewart. Mercedes started as Tyrell (1970), then BAR, then Honda, then Brawn, then purchased and relabeled Mercedes. Merc’s previous history in F1 has no direct lineage, which ended in 1955. Sauber (1993) is not connected to a car company, nor are most of the F1 field, since Caterham is not a Caterham kit car company works team, Lotus is no longer connected to Lotus, and Williams. Then one has Marrusia and HRT who barely make F1 cars. Red Bull as a company has more sales income than Daimler, more than McLaren and Ferrari combined, is involved in more levels of motorsport than all of them combined, and are consistently competitive against the strongest “old” marques in the business. So, just exactly what must they do to be considered “real” team? Crazy Marko or not, they are as “entitled” as any other team on the grid to equal treatment and consideration as a legitimate F1 operation.

  • fapper

    Dr Helmut Marko is really crazy. Is he jealous or what? Then let Seb also do what Lewis & Fernando is being accused of. Maybe Seb can form an unholy alliance with Pastor Maldonado. Marko won’t shut his mouth unless they dominate the series like they did in 2010 & 2011. What a douche bag.

  • mr18000rpm

    they have nothing to worry about, Seb is smarter than the two bozzo former McLaren drivers put together