Alonso could be greatest ever driver says rally legend

L-R: Emilio Botin (ESP) President Santander with Carlos Sainz (ESP) and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari on the grid. Formula One World Championship, Rd 5, Spanish Grand Prix, Race, Barcelona, Spain, Sunday 22 May 2011.Sep.20 (GMM) Carlos Sainz, the Spanish rallying legend, thinks that countryman Fernando Alonso could one day be regarded as the greatest driver in Formula One history.

The two-time world rally champion defended Alonso, amid suggestions that the Ferrari driver is not the friendliest driver on the grid.

“Fernando is much more normal than people think, simply he has a lot of pressure on him at most times,” Sainz, 50, told El Confidencial.

“As a driver, there is little doubt that – today – he is the best in the world, and even in the history of F1 he is one of the greatest.

“It wouldn’t surprise me if he is recognised as the best ever once he decides to retire,” added Sainz.

Sainz’s son, Carlos Sainz Jr, is currently racing in the junior single seater ranks, with Red Bull backing.

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  • wtf

    and yet again another article about Alonso being the greatest. Does this site masturbate at his sight too?
    Is it that hard to realize that every one of these so called compliments are coming from persons directly involved with Alonso either through management or sharing the same nationality?

  • Quattro_T


    For one second there I though you were talking about Hamilton. There I can agree – the hype surrounding his was based on no value, at all.
    Regarding ALO – These are no “compliments”. They are statements based on real world facts. If you had bothered to study history of ALO and what he is able to do with a F1 car, no matter how uncompetitive compaired to what competitors have, you may have understood better. Study 2010-2012 for instance and you will make the discovery of your life. cheers.

  • Lol

    Oh you mean the rookie that gave the “greatest” driver a run for his money? Lol…

  • Mappu

    Alonso has to prove so much before being hailed as the best ever. First still long way to go match Michael then you talk about your country man as best not by simply belonging to your country.

  • Lol.

    Meh I think Alonso is one of the best. But regardless of whether he was better than Schumi, he is not better than Senna.

    Fangio is always forgotten. He won 5 titles inside the first 10 years of F1. And he won each title for a different team. And he won each title at the age of 50 or higher. How is he not the greatest of all time?

  • Alemar

    huh… who says hes the best? Carlos Sainz? a spaniard? Fernando’s mother? Fernando’s brothers and sisters? Fernando’s neighbors? huh….. according to Maldonado’s family, Pastor is the best driver in history too LOL :roll eyes:

  • fools

    Come on guys..yes another country men of his made a statement. And when your leading the WDC. you get those compliments. but when you beat Schumi for 2 WDC titles it also means something…as he also has pulled in close to Senna ranks…of course Schumi will be tougher to beat he has unlimited testing in those days to focus on nothing but the car. No question Alonso is the top driver of the grid by far. Theres no denying Alonso is 1 of the best drivers to ever live already. Even if he retired tomorrow.

  • aks

    f**k all this crap,there is only one statement,if u r in a ferrari then u should be the best else u wouldn’t last.and with that donkey of a car this year if he has pulled it to this extent he deserves to be on the moon.

  • wtf

    @ Quattro_T
    Watch this instead and maybe you learn something:

  • wtf


  • rocaluma

    He is very possibly the best ever. Whoever mentions Schumacher forgets that he never had the level of competition Alonso has had. Mika was perhaps the only very good driver of Schumacher’s era, and he beat him twice. Alonso also beat Schumacher x 2. He is shining now with a dog of a car against drivers of the caliber of Hamilton, Vettel, Button and Raikkonen, all of them several levels up from Damon, Coulthard or Villeneuve.
    Fangio was great, no doubt, but he won races and scored many points at the expense of his teammates. If his car broke down, he would jump on his teammate’s car and keep going. Also, his competition wasn’t as stiff.