Wolff wants Maldonado to remain at Williams

Pastor Maldonado (VEN) Williams in the Press Conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd11, Hungarian Grand Prix, Preparations Day, Budapest, Hungary, Thursday 26 July 2012.Sep.17 (GMM) Williams shareholder Toto Wolff has admitted that he hopes that Pastor Maldonado stays with the Grove based squad in 2013.

Venezuelan Maldonado, although winning in Barcelona earlier this year, has been a highly controversial figure on the 2012 grid.

Bringing millions in backing to the famous British team, the 27-year-old is often fast and impressive, but he has also been involved in numerous on-track incidents.

Wolff, the team’s shareholder – newly an executive director, insisted that Maldonado is “extremely fast”.

“Yes, he seems to struggle in some situations in the race,” he also admitted to F1’s official website.

Wolff, however, said he is “100 per cent sure” that Maldonado will smooth off the hard edges.

“Remember Ayrton Senna in the beginning? Nobody wanted to touch him,” he said. “In those days there weren’t many grid penalties, but had there been he would probably have had to go back 10 places on the grid many times.”

Wolff said Maldonado will “hopefully” be a Williams driver in 2013.

But what about Bruno Senna? The Brazilian already gives up his car to the Wolff-managed Valtteri Bottas on Friday mornings, and the young Finn is tipped to get a full race seat next year.

Wolff said it is “too early to say” if both of Williams’ drivers will still be with the Grove based team in 2013.

“Sure, we are taking different looks at the issue, but the minute we discuss it we are going to mess up Pastor and Bruno – and maybe others that we try talking to – so I would give it another month before we are going to have the first idea of what we want,” he said.

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  • McLaren Fan

    Maldonado? Wolff what are you thinking?
    I know I have it now use Maldonado to eliminate the opposition!!!!

  • Psych4191

    “Remember Ayrton Senna?” F-you for even making that connection. Ayrton spent one year at Toleman, where he showed absolute car control. Then he went to Lotus where he won a WDC, then McLaren, where he won two more. Everybody wanted Ayrton you tool. Pastor is never going to be a tenth of what Ayrton was. Hell, when it comes to racecraft, he’s not even a tenth of what Bruno is. When I type in Ayrton Senna on Youtube, I get graceful car control and aggressive, yet smart, overtakes. When I youtube Pastor Maldonado, I get a twat that crashes in demonstrations.

    The only people that didn’t want Ayrton were Alain Prost and Jean-Marie Balestre.

  • [email protected]

    @McLaren Fan

    LEWIS Managed To Upgrade From 2011 To 2012.

    PASTOR Needs To Do The Same – If He Can Get The Time To Do It.

    He Is Full Of Potential And I Hope He Can Learn When To Be Aggressive And When To Be Patient.

    With This WILLIAMS, Winning Several Races In 2012 Is Just Up To Him.

    Go, HAMILTON !

  • McLaren Fan

    Pastor Maldonado is so very different to Lewis Hamilton in as far as in 2011 Lewis made mistakes and admitted to the fact he apologized to the team and all involved including Massa.
    Pastor Maldonado never thinks he is wrong he never admits to being the one at fault, yes a driver needs speed concentration and an ability to react to ever changing conditions but with pastor he seems to lose concentration and then he overreacts and gets overeager causing carbon to crunch costing major finances to be stretched.

  • Nemo

    Maldo reminds me of younger Hamilton. Though when it was Hamilton constantly crashing, there were Senna references flying all over the place.