Kubica wins comeback rally but extent of injury revealed

Robert Kubica celebrates victorySep.10 (GMM) Former grand prix driver Robert Kubica enjoyed a dream return to competition at the weekend, winning the Ronde Gomitolo di Landa rally, in Italy.

Wearing a bandage on his right forearm that masked the most serious scars of his F1 career-ending rally crash of 19 months ago, Italian reports said that the Pole took his Subaru Impreza to victory in all four time-trials.

But Brazil’s Agencia Estado said that the 27-year-old’s first real public appearance since his crash also revealed the true extent of Kubica’s new limitations.

The former BMW and Renault F1 driver “does not have full mobility of his right arm”, said the report.

Indeed, footage of the minor Italian rally shows that while Kubica is able to steer a car with both hands, the movement in his right arm and hand is obviously limited.

He held the winning trophy and champagne aloft, and drank water from a bottle, only with his left arm.

Subbed by AJN.

  • Psych4191

    If he can steer, let him steer. I take this from experience, you gain nerve/muscle back by doing, not wishing. He’ll be back in F1 by 2014, I’m sure of it. Because a one-armed Kubica is still better than Karthikeyan, Grosjean, PDLR, Glock, Pic, Petrov, Massa, and Schumacher. He proved with this rally that he still has his eye for speed.

  • Matthias O’keeffe


    Don’t underestimate Schumacher, you ass****… Michael doesn’t have a good car, therefore, he’s not getting good results… You better stop blaming him, dumbs***.

  • f1 fan

    one armed kubica is better than Shumacher, what ?!!!!!!!!? you forgetting hes a 7 time world champ!

  • McLaren Fan

    Schumacher is unique in the fact he is a 7 times world champion and that is a fact. Schumacher had to deal with changing regulations like all the other drivers, the car he is driving in not a championship winning car half the time it isn’t worthy of being in the top ten.
    Since Ross re-labeled the Honda Brawn and won the championship the car has been a complete bag of ****.
    As far as Robert is concerned he was awesome then he had an accident he is on the road to recovery, and if he recovers back to the level were he can perform in an F1 car I hope he has chance to prove again he is awesome. At the end of the day the accident was life changing. and he may not want F1 again.

  • Psych4191

    Mathias, you seem like a completely autistic fanboy that can’t stand the fact that MSC is past his prime. People get old, it happens. Rosberg has the same equipment, and has bashed MSC for 3 years. And in lower equipment (2010 Renault) Kubica had 50+ points. When he gets back to F1 he’ll be immediately better than everyone I listed. I’m not saying MSC has always been bad, that’s just dumb, but he’s old, it happens.

    Jordan, Pele, Favre, Petty.. No matter what sport, age catches up.

  • Nemo

    I disagree. Nerve repair takes time. Regardless of any exercises. I would also like to see Kubica back in F1, and yes he was better than some of the drivers you have mentioned, we all know that. But saying a one armed Kubica is better than Schumacher is absurd.

  • Psych4191

    @Nemo that’s why I’m saying let him steer. The fastest way to get your nerves healing is to put them to work. It also helps the arm relearn the movement. I had this type of injury and I have most of my range of motion back and almost all of my feeling was back within 6 months. I still can’t feel the tips of the middle/ring fingers, but that doesn’t really matter. He’s most likely starting to get the feeling back if he’s comfortable enough to race.