Alonso unhappy with Vettel’s deliberate blocking tactics

Fernando Alonso versus Sebastian Vettel at Monza

Fernando Alonso versus Sebastian Vettel at Monza

Sep.9 (AFP) Fernando Alonso finished third at Ferrari‘s home race and although the Spaniard said little, he made it abundantly clear that he was upset by Sebastian Vettel’s dangerous move that forced him off the track during Sunday’s Italian Grand Prix.

Fernando Alonso on the podium, Italian Grand Prix, MonzaThe Ferrari driver, who finished third behind Briton Lewis Hamilton of McLaren and Mexican Sergio Perez of Sauber, was asked about the defending champion’s driving during a post-race news briefing and, at first, refused to answer.

His enigmatic smile was enough, then, however to confirm an impression that he agreed entirely with the stewards’ decision to give the Red Bull man a drive-through penalty. The two had battled similarly a year earlier, when Alonso played fair and gave the Red Bull driver space.

On lap 26 in this edition of the race, Vettel went a step too far, squeezing Alonso onto the sand exiting the first Lesmo. The Spaniard was furious, shouting over the radio: “OK, that’s enough.”

The moves prompted Ferrari to tweet mid-race: “Clearly Vettel forgot last year, when Fernando behaved very differently…”

The Monza race stewards agreed.

Asked again about the incident, however, and pressed to explain if it had cost him a chance to do better in the race, he said: “I lost 10 laps behind him, after the incident, and for sure the car was damaged because at 330 km/h you are jumping on the gravel – so I don’t think the floor and everything was fine after those jumps.”

He added: “I think that the people who are in charge of making the decisions took a careful view of everything. It is up to them to do their job.”

Vettel’s wild driving came on a bad day for Red Bull as both drivers were forced to retire and the team finished pointless.

But for victorious Hamilton, Perez and Alonso, there was poetic justice in taking the podium places just a week after another erratic driver Romain Grosjean of Lotus had triggered an opening lap multiple collision at the Belgian Grand Prix.

That crash eliminated all three of the podium finishers in Monza before they could make any impact at Spa-Francorchamps.

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  • Alemar

    Duh… another cry baby. This guy wanted to overpass in an almost impossible place to do it, Vettel only covered the line, he has al the right to do it as long as he has half of his car ahead. Alonso could overtake him anywhere else very easy, he had a much better car, but still he prefered to cry about Vettel’s movement, why? Because Vettel was second in the championship, now hes 4th. Nicely cowardly done, Alonso. Im a Mercedes fan, but those FIA tactics to make alonso champion again and red bull been asked to remove every single LEGAL improvement, now punishment to Vettel. Sad FIA, sad Alonso the new cry-baby.

  • Anthony

    Alonso stuck his nose where it didn’t belong and Vettel was assuming the racing line. Ferrari International Assistance indeed…

  • McLaren Fan

    Well obviously you below have not watched the replays also showing the same move from last year.
    Alonso did give Vettel enough room he had no need to go off track.
    this time vettel gave Alonso no room and that was the difference.
    In the replays it was as clear as daylight.

  • alonso_is_slow

    Ferrari’s paid stewards did the job again. The same ones who penalized Alonso at Massa’s request in 2006 in favour of Schumacher.

    History repeats itself.

  • Forza Ferrari

    @Anthony and @Alemar
    Did you even watch the race for crying out loud?! Vettel’s manoeuvre was a lot more dangerous than Alonso’s last year. This year Alonso had to go off the track with all four wheels and he was very lucky not to lose control over the car and crash out completely. Last year Alonso left Vettel plenty of room like an honourable racing driver. Vettel’s penalty was completely justified and right. And you defamers with your “Ferrari International Assistance” crap jokes are just pathetic ignorant fools! You don’t know sh*t!

  • fgdfhf

    editor, the Curva Grande is the name of the corner (it’s the bend before Variante della Roggia, the second chicane) ! The first Lesmo is not taken at 330 kph

  • hillside

    stick that finger to Vettel

  • fools

    @ Alemar & Anthony

    You fools really do not no F-1 and the guidelines of a gentleman sport. Alonso still surpassed Vettel’s shit car. Even after he was run off track and minor damage which threw his pace off. Vettel is dirty…everyone knows except you fools.

    Did you not see last years race on how Vettel stuck his nose in and also slip streamed and Alonso let him pass professionally because he knew he was a faster car and didn’t want to block twice which is a penalty. Learn before commenting. Your guys are jokes.

  • Ankit

    @Alemar and Anthony

    You guys should do something better with your time than come here and talk sh*t. You have no clue about the rules of F1 and you just want to comment about something because you cannot keep your big mouths shut! Dumb fools

  • McLaren Fan

    Grow up and get a brain, or go to Specsavers if you cant see the difference between the 2 moves, Alonso gave Seb room more room than would have been asked for by Charlie, Seb gave Alonso no room it was dangerous and worthy of a penalty they were warned by the officials before the race the stewards will be harsh he lost his cool.

  • Alemar

    @fools @ankit as long as you need to insult other people to prove your arguments makes me think you guys are the ones who dont know sh*t about f1 regulations. Prove your point with words rather than insults ;) Again… if Alonso had a better car and had better oportunities in other sectors of the track why crying about Vettel defending his spot? Vettel didnt cover the position twice, he only moved once, he moved left and that was it, he had all the right to defend his position, arent they f1 drivers? thats their job, you know… lol! Alonso was afraid of Vettel because he was 2nd in the championship seconds before Ferrari had to buy the stewards. Alonso and Ferrari didnt want another Petrov defending position, so they had to buy the stewards. Again, that was sad, very sad from Ferrari.

  • fools




  • fools


    your a joke… why don’t you take some advice and never comment if it has nothing to do with f1 your troll. you are hear to support Alonso is slow and vitz. you are not welcomes…we insult you bastards to get rid of you scum from this great site. so yes i will be a Sheriff if i have too. Its one thing to have constructive criticism and to have a comment without hating. The point is the move Vettel made was dangerous and the call for the penalty was correct. It doesn’t matter if its an HRT or Ferrari…its dangerous and people need to respect the gentleman sport and classify great driving skills while millions watch like your dumbass.

  • fools

    @Alemar…I think if you read the article and my comments and others who said the same thing…those F1 comments came before the insults you fool! Think before you speak…save us time…and never come back to this site. save yourself the trouble. people like you are the example why people argue on this site instead of enjoying articles and people points of view even if you do not agree. at least be neutral like most people here unlike your self and vitz and Alonso is slow…you people need to leave now. Editor: please ban them please.

  • Ankit


    You stupid moron we already proved our point with our words and with video! If you can’t see it for yourself then I’m sorry but I have to repeat you know NOTHING about F1! And Alonso wasn’t “crying” about Vettel “defending” his spot. He pushed him off the track and obviously Alonso will object to that. And even if he’s got a better car and other opportunities to over take, what is the guarantee that vettel won’t try to push him off again? Hence the penalty to make him realise not to drive like a maniac. Also, are you FIA, or one of the stewards who got “bought over” by Ferrari, or simply God? No right? so don’t talk sh*t here and speculate that this would have happened and so and so bribed so and so and all that nonsense, I suggest you start talking sense here because we people on the forum want to discuss about something that makes sense, not utter nonsense that you come and try to spread here. We can all say Vettel tried to kill Alonso with that move and start abusing him, but we don’t because we’re not speculators like you and we don’t like to talk about something that you aren’t even close to being sure that it happened. I’m an Alonso fan but I don’t hate Vettel, Lewis or any other driver on track. YOU are just a hater who wants to spread filth here. That was a dangerous move and that’s it. Alonso’s car got damaged because of it, what more reason do you want for a penalty to be given? You want to wait till he goes and crashes and then handover the penalty? I’m sorry but that’s not how it works. If you can’t accept the penalty he got, then why don’t you apply for a position at the stewards’ office. Maybe you could make “correct” decisions. Until then shut up and sit down like a good boy and watch the remaining races. Stop complaining!

  • Joe Kinnear

    I see a lot of fighting. If you were guys are any right, you should be the FIA stewards.

  • McLaren Fan

    @Joe Kinnear
    Sorry but what you have put makes no sense in English please translate it: