Hamilton Twitter outburst has McLaren in damage control mode

Lewis Hamilton Sep.2 (GMM) Disappointed with his eighth in qualifying compared to McLaren teammate Jenson Button’s pole, Lewis Hamilton got onto Twitter and used the internet acronym “WTF” (what the f**k?) to describe his feelings.

In the hours after qualifying at Spa, the paddock quickly and half-heartedly dubbed the affair ‘Twittergate’.

“Damn,” he added. “Jenson has the new rear wing on, I have the old. I lose 4 tenths just on the straight. Jenson should win easy with that speed.”

McLaren officials then reportedly deleted the ‘tweets’ from Hamilton’s personal account, possibly without the 2008 world champion’s knowledge.

Asked why the ‘tweets’ had disappeared, Hamilton told reporters in Belgium: “Did they? No particular reason. Just wanted to rephrase some things I said.”

Then, in McLaren’s official end-of-day press release, Hamilton was quoted as saying it was a “collective” decision on his side of the garage to opt for the older wing.

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  • Jody Renza

    Here we go again…like a toddler out goes all his toys again! According to Martin it was the TEAM that decided to go that route…now that’s not good enough for Lewis…will be total new story if he goes better in the race!

  • Rob

    Just another case of a big deal being made of nothing.

  • Chuck

    While the team was trying out set ups that didn’t work for Jenson this year… I didn’t see Lewis post why he was soooooo much faster than Jenson.

    Lewis is only trying to expose when it’s his turn to be a guinea pig for the team. I’ve never seen Jenson becoming so defensive that he needed to publish the teams set ups to the world, as Lewis has done now.

    No wonder Lewis has been rebuffed by other teams as his contract at McLaren runs out. They don’t want any loose cannons working against their team interests in favor of Lewis’ personal interests as McLaren has had to endure. But this revelation by Lewis himself, just goes to show how Lewis has been being favored by McLaren up till now this year… and when he is not… Lewis flips out!!!

    McLaren should dump Lewis while they have a good excuse.

  • MarkyT7

    The only top tier team even willing to give this guy a ride is McLaren so he goes out and does this at contract time. Whitmarsh should get rid of this loser pronto. The only reason he still has a job is he brings in fans that don’t normally watch F1. What a crybaby.