Berger wants to make it easier for drivers to make it into F1

Gerhard Berger in MonacoAug.15 (GMM) Gerhard Berger wants to make it simpler for young drivers to progress through the junior ranks to Formula One.

The ten-time grand prix winner, former BMW motor sport director and Toro Rosso co-owner is now the president of the governing FIA’s single seater commission.

Jean Todt, Berger’s former Ferrari boss and now FIA president, told the latest edition of the federation’s own Inmotion magazine that he is looking into “how we can best create a logical path for aspiring drivers from karting all the way to F1″.

The problem has arisen in recent years, with the path now cluttered with junior series including GP2, GP3, Renault World Series, F2, Formula Renault, Formula BMW, Formula Ford, F3, Auto GP and others.

It was ‘much easier’ in 52-year-old Berger’s day, when he moved from Formula Ford and rose through the German and European F3 ranks and was spotted by the F1 team ATS.

“The commission,” Berger said, “looks at everything between karting and Formula One and I find that the pyramid at the moment is very loose.

“There are too many championships out there and attention between them is split too much.

“People are complaining that the best drivers are now all spread out and so you cannot look at the British Formula 3 championship, for example, and say that he is certain to get to Formula One.

“These days, the best drivers are all over the place. The system no longer does what it is supposed to do, which is to give a highly talented driver a CV he can use to progress to F1.”

Berger said that he is “sure” that he can help to “sort out” the system “because of the contacts” and skills he has.

He has started by championing European F3, and the next step – according to Berger – could be an all-new “Formula 4″.

“We are working on this,” Berger admitted.

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  • Jody Renza

    There are more series to make space for cheque book drivers these days….you got real talent in the old days even coming from other series to F1..the last one (if I’m not Murray-mistaken) was Paul di Resta via DTM…maybe a computer-nerd series will deliver the next champion..(joking)..

  • ?

    @Jody Renza

    ….”I am Mistaken”…..

  • Rick

    So there are too many types of championships on the road to F1 Berger says? His solution: create more championships than we have now!

  • wtf

    tthis is simple mathematics: there are a few billion people more in the world since Berger was a junior= more people with money = more people interested in racing and wanting to get to F1 = more championships needed to accommodate more youngsters pursuing a racing career. Its unavoidable Mr Berger