Too early to decide 2013 drivers says Williams director

(L to R): Pastor Maldonado (VEN) Williams with team mate Bruno Senna (BRA) Williams. Formula One Testing, Day 1, Jerez, Spain, Tuesday 7 February 2012.Aug.13 (GMM) Williams‘ driver lineup will definitely remain in place this year, team shareholder and executive director Toto Wolff has insisted, adding that it is “too early” to decide on the team’s driver pairing for 2013.

He joked that a change of policy will happen “when the sun falls from the sky,” according to Speed Week.

Pastor Maldonado brings millions to the famous British team from his native Venezuela, and he won May’s Spanish Grand Prix, from pole.

But Speed Week said that his carbon-crunching mistakes – the latest during a demonstration run in Caracus at the weekend – are costing Williams a substantial amount of money as well.

Brazilian Bruno Senna has also failed to shine throughout the first half of the 2012 season, while the highly regarded and Wolff-managed reserve driver Valtteri Bottas waits in the wings.

Wolff, however, said it is “too early” to say what Williams’ 2013 lineup will be.

“The driver question has always been something that is very important to Frank [Williams], who has a lot of expertise,” he is quoted by

Wolff said it is too simplistic to say that a more experienced pair of drivers would have done a better job at the wheel of Williams’ much-improved 2012 car.

And “Will Pastor or Valtteri be top drivers in the future? I believe so,” he said.

“So maybe the situation at the moment fits very well with the car, even though that’s something difficult to understand,” said Wolff.

“We have seen the driver [Maldonado] being very good this year in Barcelona – or was that the car? It’s difficult to answer.

“At the same time do we know how good the Ferrari is today? Is it as good as Alonso or only as good as Massa? We don’t know,” he added.

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  • psych4191

    If the current trend stays as it is, Senna and Bottas will have the 2013 seats, as Maldonado seems to be in love with walls and other cars. There’s where the sponsorship money is going, honestly. It’s all in the repair bill.

  • McLaren Fan

    I wonder how long Frank and the Williams sponsors are willing to pay for The Carbon-Crunching Kid’s mistakes.
    The balance sheets must be running low.
    Senna and Bottas must be polishing there helmets laughing at Maldonado.

  • psych4191

    Also, how biased is this? It’s just in passing mention that Maldonado crashed in a demonstration. You guys should’ve jumped on that like stink on shit. But no, everytime Senna makes a mistake Yalla is the first one covering it. Same with Schumacher. Had Schumi crashed in a demonstration he’d have 5 or 6 articles by now.

  • McLaren Fan

    Have you seen the error talk about crash kid i saw the video.
    then the rest of the session was handed to the Venezuelan GP2 driver in his GP2 car to thrill the fans.

  • psych4191

    @MclarenFan yeah I saw the crash, it was pathetically stupid. Plus, that GP2 driver wowed the fans for four times the laps, and I’m guessing he gets more of Maldumbasso’s sponsor money.

  • McLaren Fan

    I had to PMSL he did it on his second lap in front 20,000 fans and numerous political and military VIPs, Sir Frank & Toto.
    Also EJ Viso the Indy Car driver, can you imagine the stick he will get in the press in his home town.
    Not to mention the chat between Sir Frank & Toto
    “1 word Valtteri”

  • Max Smoot

    Read elsewhere that Rubinho still wants to drive for Williams and feels that this year’s car is a result of last year’s preparation. Maybe he and Bottas next year…