Mercedes engines cause Pirelli tyres to wear out quickly

Michael Schumacher (GER) Mercedes GP and Andrew Shovlin (GBR) Mercedes GP Race Engineer look at Pirelli tyres. Formula One World Championship, Rd 17, Indian Grand Prix, Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida, New Delhi, India, Practice Day, Friday 28 October 2011.   BEST IMAGEAug.9 (GMM) McLaren, Mercedes and Force India are all struggling with excessive tyre wear this year and according to Auto Motor und Sport, the likely culprit is the trio’s common engine supplier.

“Lotus, Red Bull and Ferrari can make a set of tyres last longer than we can,” said McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton.

AM&S said that one theory doing the rounds is that the superior mid-range power of Mercedes’ V8 engine is wearing the rear Pirelli tyres too much.

“On the way out of corners, we are able to keep up,” said Sauber’s Sergio Perez. “But then there comes a phase when the Force India can pull away, so long as their tyres are fresh.”

Mercedes’ team boss Ross Brawn acknowledged that the “characteristic of the engine has a large influence on the degradation of the tyres”.

AM&S said that Mercedes has “recognised the problem” and is working hard to improve its engine torque maps.

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  • Disgusted with 2012

    Interesting. Red Bull fiddles with the throttle map to trim mid range power, conserving tires by reducing wheel slip at corner exit, and we see the FIA jump to attention to fix the rules to preclude any further use of such tom foolery. While there may have been a small change in aero from exhaust blowing, the Mercedes admission reveals that it may be possible that this was not the prime motivation with Red Bull at all, since the aero effect is minuscule compared to traction effects and the related tire wear result. Now, Mercedes fiddles with the maps to trim mid-range power to reduce wheels slip and conserve tires… no problem? So, if Renault changes its maps to duplicate the Red Bull setup… still no problem?

  • Chris

    The teams using the Mercedes engine can alter the Maps and now we will see what they come up with If they did any thing illegal then we will see what FIA do

  • Bionor

    @ “Disgusted”:

    You got it wrong. All the teams may change their maps as long as it complies with the rules. What Red Bull did wrong was that they violated a rule saying that the increase in torque must be parralell to the input from the driver.

    It is possible to make the adjustments they (Mercedes) are talking about without violating this rule.

  • seb

    just change the goddam tires. bring back bridgestone and michelin. slicks sucks. grooved tires are the best!

  • McLaren Fan

    @ Disgusted with 2012 (MARKO)
    What is wrong with you do you not read English. We know the rules and the modification to the rule. they are not saying they will cheat or push the envelope they said they are looking to edit the map. DOH

  • ?


    I disagree with that, I would prefer Slicks. Though you might be right about Michelin and Bridgestone.

  • McLaren Fan

    Slicks have always been better than grooved with the exception of this year. a tyre war on slicks would be awesome but the FIA would find a way to damage that.
    Now 1 set of slicks that can last the whole race distance that gives good lap time unless damaged, and no benefit to changing tyres that would make it sweet so if your tyre is wrecked you lose pit time but no extra speed from the new treads!
    but lets face it the FIA will bin the idea