Button not ready to help Hamilton in title bid

Lewis Hamilton congratulates race winner and McLaren teammate Jenson ButtonJul.31 (GMM) Jenson Button has not thrown in the towel and insists that he is not yet ready to fall in line behind his teammate Lewis Hamilton’s world championship bid.

In Hungary, Felipe Massa – who is pushing to stay at Ferrari next year – vowed to help his teammate Fernando Alonso seal the drivers’ crown in 2012.

In fairness to Button, however, the situation at McLaren at the mid-point of the 2012 season is quite different.

While Alonso is leading the championship and is a massive 139 points ahead of Massa, Button has been a race winner in 2012 and is only 41 points behind Hamilton.

So Briton Button answered ‘no’ when asked if he will move over for Hamilton if he sees the sister McLaren in his mirrors.

“If I am leading a race, then I want to win that race,” he is quoted by British newspapers.

“I will not be asked to do anything but if there comes a time in this championship when I can’t win, then I will obviously help my teammate,” added Button.

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  • Chuck

    Didn’t Lewis Hamilton just get through saying that if he were not to try to un-lap himself, regardless of what the race leaders might think about him trying to race them, that he (Lewis) would expect that he should be fired for having given up? Not sure why this question would come up, because I doubt Lewis himself would expect Jenson to give up at this time, and give him advantages, unless as Jenson says, there is no mathematical possibility for him to win. That is not the case. There is a whole half season ahead, and anything can happen, or as far as I’m concerned, the second half of this season wouldn’t be worth watching… Hello…

  • Hawk

    yeah. thats what journalists do always.
    but anyway does Alonso need Massa’s help? Did Vettel need Webber’s help at any one time? Likewise. the only help Lewis would get is if Jenson drives well; not gifting points to Alonso and Vettel like he did in Hungary.