Raikkonen: I didn’t feel I could win, so there’s no point to worry about it

Kimi Raikkonen Lotus E20 Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Budapest, Hungary, Sunday 29 July 2012.

Kimi Raikkonen speaks during the post Hungarian GP press conference


Jul.29 (FIA-Apex) Although he didn’t win the Hungarian Grand Prix, Kimi Raikkonen would probably be given the ‘man of the match’ award (if there was such a thing in Formula One) as he started fifth on the grid, paced himself impeccably every time it mattered and in the end challenged for the win right until the finish line. Alas it was another case of  so close yet so far for the Iceman and Lotus at Hungaroring.

Kimi Raikkonen Lotus E20 Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Budapest, Hungary, Sunday 29 July 2012.Did you have a chance to win the race with DRS?
Kimi Raikkonen: Ah, no. It was not so bad to follow through the last corner but you’re, I don’t know, one second later on the power every time so they just pull too far away and the straight is not long enough and the others are too fast. So it didn’t really give you any chance. My only chance was that they would run out of the tyres and then you will have a chance – but that never happened, so we probably should have had 20 more laps – and then it would have happened.

So, are you happy with second place or did you feel you could have won it?
KR: I didn’t, so there’s no point to worry about it. I had an OK start but then we had an issue with the KERS and I only could use 50 per cent and I lost one position to Fernando, so the first few laps were not really good because we were trying to get the KERS working. After that it was OK but the same situation with Alonso, I was stuck behind him and just tried to save my tyres and push once we got the clear circuit. It seemed to work both times and we gained a lot of time on those few laps.

Kimi Raikkonen (FIN) Lotus F1,  on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd11, Hungarian Grand Prix, Race Day, Budapest, Hungary, Sunday 29 July 2012.And what about the time you came out of the pits and found yourself alongside Romain?
KR: Yeah. The team told me it’s going to be very close and I made a mistake with the pit lane speed limiter so it meant maybe five metres after the line I was still on it, so I thought that I really didn’t do a very good job out of there – but luckily it was enough gap and we were side-by-side in the first corner, but I could keep my position quite easily at that point. But it was one of those things: we had a lot of speed but just couldn’t use it in all the race.

You have been second three times when Lewis has won here. Have you ever been close to overtake him?
KR: I don’t know. It was a long time ago to remember the past. Today it wasn’t – it was many years. It makes no difference if you don’t get past. We were second best today and third. I think it was good for the team but of course we will keep trying to win and hopefully it will come soon.

Aren’t you getting a bit annoyed about finishing second? Spa is coming up, are you confident that you can break it?
KR: We always try to win; some days you get close to it and it’s a bit disappointing that we cannot and we know the reason: we have not been so strong in qualifying and we keep making it very hard for ourselves on Sundays but it’s not annoying. We still keep putting ourselves in a good position to at least have a chance to win and get good results, good points for the team. Yeah, you would rather win than come second or third but it’s a long season and I think we’re improving all the time. If it comes it’s great, if not, we keep trying. I’ve been in the business long enough that I don’t really worry about things too much. We improved our position, our situation in the championship for myself and for the team. Maybe we are one place behind right now but we are closer to the front. As long as we keep doing that and hopefully the wins will come, then we will give myself and the team a good chance.

On the podium, did you hear the tremendous following you have here in Hungary, a lot of fans. Does that give you some kind of moral boost for the next races, let’s say?
KR: Yes, it was great to hear all the people shouting and cheering. It’s good for us, but unfortunately it doesn’t make us any faster. I was pushing as hard as I could in this race so we keep trying to do the same in the next race again, but it’s always been great here with a lot of Finnish flags and a lot of fans here so it’s a great place to come.

There have been some rumours today in the press about a possible comeback to Ferrari for you. Rumours apart, would you consider coming back to Ferrari?
KR: I always said that I didn’t have bad feelings against them. I had a good time with the team. I won my championship there but things probably could have gone a nicer way in the end. Life goes on and you never know what happens in the future but I’m happy where I am now and things are going pretty nicely. Like I said, you never know what can happen in the future but I’m happy where I am. I don’t come up with the rumours, so perhaps you have to ask the people who [wrote] them.

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