Wolff: My role involves helping Frank in the daily job running the team

Toto Wolff

Toto Wolff

Jul.27 (F1 Media) Williams’ new executive director Toto Wolff used the platform of the Hungarian Grand Prix FIA press conference to outline his new role within the Grove based team.

Press Conference (L to R): Remi Taffin (FRA), head of Renault Sport F1 track operations in the Press Conference, Andy Geen (GBR) Force India F1 TEachnical Director, Martin Whitmarsh (GBR) McLaren Chief Executive Officer, Toto Wolff (AUT) Williams F1 Executive Director and Luis Perez-Sala (ESP) HRT Formula One Team, Team Prinicpal. Formula One World Championship, Rd11, Hungarian Grand Prix, Practice Day, Budapest, Hungary, Friday 27 July 2012.Wolff revealed that the announcement early this week, in which he stepped up from a non-executive directorship, was a titular formality, “Actually the position is not quite new. I have been doing the same job for a couple of months already after Adam [Parr’s] departure. It involves basically helping Frank in the daily job running the team.”

Having purchased a substantial shareholding in Williams’ parent company in 2009, Wolff has gradually increased his involvement to its currently level. He pronounced himself happy with the way in which the team has developed over that time – but confessed that working in the team is more demanding than simply investing in it.

“I was an investor before, which is the easier part – you can criticise and stick your nose in everywhere,” he said. “Now, formally, I’m an official employee of the company so I have to deliver as well, I’m part of the team. Where do I see the team? When I joined in 2009 I gave myself a five-year period to progress. We have won a race this year, which came quite early, maybe earlier than expected, but I think the team is on-track technically and on-track setting all the other commercial departments as well.”

Based in Switzerland, Wolff confirmed that he will need to at least partially relocated to England to be near Williams’ Oxfordshire base. “I’m going to spend more days at the factory and I enjoy it, it’s what I want to do now. Staying in Oxford keeps me young – it’s a student city.”

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