Marko accuses FIA of overtaking rule double standard

Sebastian Vettel with Helmut MarkoJul.24 (GMM) Red Bull‘s motor racing consultant Helmut Marko has accused the FIA of sometimes using a “double standard” when it comes to dishing out penalties.

Sebastian Vettel on Sunday was demoted from second at the flag to fifth in the classification after passing Jenson Button whilst off the circuit at Hockenheim.

Marko insists his driver did nothing wrong.

“The whole situation was triggered by Button, who left Sebastian no room and pushed him out,” the Austrian told Servus TV.

“Sebastian had to move out to avoid a collision.”

Many pundits likened Vettel’s move to Nico Rosberg’s overtaking antics in Bahrain, for which the German escaped penalty.

Marko pointed out that “the defendant” is often given “the benefit of the doubt”.

“That wasn’t the case now [for Vettel],” he said. “There is a bad aftertaste. There is a double standard.”

Unfortunately for Marko, most paddock residents do not agree with him, including Force India driver Nico Hulkenberg who said Vettel’s move was “not right”.

“The rules are very specific,” ORF commentator Alex Wurz agreed. “You can leave the track with all four wheels as long as you [gain] no advantage.”

Former Toro Rosso driver Jaime Alguersuari added: “I think Vettel’s overtaking was totally illegal.

“He was clearly outside the boundaries of the track.”

Subbed by AJN.

  • Harvey

    Someone should take that crazy old blokes pitpass away, he really takes the coolness out of the redbull brand, what a wast of money.
    get rid of him…

  • muddles

    Poor old bastard. He is as big a liar as Vettel.
    They are not a good image for the sport.
    He has as much charisma as a corpse.

  • John

    This guy never shuts up does he?!!! There is the real world and then there is Marko’s world…really,…conspiracy theories around every corner??

  • mclaaaaaaaaarenbaaaabeeeeeh

    it didnt seem liike button didnt leave vettel any room
    button even braked after the corny

  • McLaren Fan

    Marko is bringing the Red Bull brand in to disrepute

  • adam22

    i think modern tracks are badly design, every corner should be surrounded by a wall so people cannot take shortcut!

  • iceshots

    marko s too old to see clearly ha ha

  • F1R

    Marko reminds me of The Emperor from Star Wars. A wisened old man who is from the dark side.

    What Marko completely and conveniently fails to understand is that Seb being pushed wide and having to avoid a collision has NOTHING to do with him being penalised.

    Firstly Marko is just repeating what Seb said which was that Seb had to go off-track to avoid a collision. Thats fine. No argument there.
    BUT…Because he was pushed wide (which happens app the time in racing btw) Seb should have known that he no longer would be able to pull off the overtake without either giving the place back or incurring a penalty.
    The penalty isn’t because he went off-track, is it because he gained an advantage by doing so. Seb STILL chose to finished the overtake and gain a place after going off track. He should have backed off or immediately given Button the place back (only to have a another go at him on the next lap where he likely would have nailed him).

    Red Bull (especially Marko) always criticise FIA when it’s against them. Vettel did it earlier in the season and was reprimanded for it and now Marko. They are paranoid that the world is against them (and to be fair their car has severely bent the rules a few times in the last 2 seasons).

    Button did nothing wrong and it was up to Seb or Red Bull to tell Seb during that lap, to let Button re-pass not least to avoid any doubt or hassle later on. But no, they say they were waiting for an email from Whiting to tell them to do that. Well if they need their hand held to remind them of the rules which are pretty clear here then it’s no wonder they incur penalties and are told to fix things on their car which bend or break the rules.

    Don’t twist words Marko. No-one is arguing that Seb had to go off track. He simply was not allowed to overtake whilst doing so. Two different issues. !

  • Cedric lee

    how does this guy have a job with any responsibility at all, he seems like the biggest idiot ever. All he does is cry…even more than vettel.

    double standard? he also seems to have forgotten how Hamilton lost his win at spa due to a penalty like the one vettel just got. Nor does he realize that when jenson (who was ahead of vettel) pushes vettel wide, he’s supposed to get out of it and fall in line, not go offtrack and overtake. If there was no run off seb would have had to get out f it. He took an unfair advantage precisely because there was a runoff area. Because of that unfair advantage, he got penalized….go cry somewhere else Marko.

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Jensen was 2 wheels off with Vettel at his side. According to the memo issued by the FIA, the defending car is not allowed to defend in this manner as long as the overtaking car has its wing along side the rear wheel of the defender. The ruling against SV in this specific case was wrong. The opinion of Hulkenberg and Alguersueri are completely irrelevant, as are opinions here of Marco’s complaint. Regardless of that, in all other cases in past seasons of an overtaking car making a pass determined to be unacceptable, they were asked simply to give the position up. There is now a precedent set for the penalty to be a drive through or 20s. Just how many actually believe that this will be applied to all drivers going forward?

  • No Respect For FIA

    Marko and Red Bull are joke. Don’t go away mad Marko and Red Bull, just go away!

  • F1R

    @Disgusted Really ? Jenson had 2 wheels off ?

    Check this…

    Seb was already in front before Jensons left wheels touch the blue/white kerbs and only then did he only half go onto them. Watch the footage.

  • F1R

    stupid software wont allow URLs….

    so the URL is racingrenders (dot com) (slash) sebjens (dot) jpg

  • Disgusted with 2012

    Must be watching a different race. The one I played back many times shows SV completing a pass at the apex, then moving wide as they exited to allow room for JB, who decided to kept coming toward him until JB was half off and SV completely off track to avoid a collision. No matter, this issue is dead. The implication is that anyone now making a pass that includes them exiting the track surface, will be penalized by drive through. This means any pass happening through a chicane under braking, or a pass that is completed by the passing car falling beyond the race surface, will not be called to give the place back, they will be penalized by a driver-through. Oh, wait, maybe this is a Red Bull rule – applied only to certain select drivers in blue jumpers… I may have missed that memo.

  • open your eyes

    Disgusted with 2012 is MARKO

  • McLaren Fan

    @ Disgusted with 2012:
    look again at his line he was already strait lining the corner as he got to the curb. Do not kid yourself I watched the replays too wondering if Jenson was right or wrong.

  • McLaren Fan

    @ open your eyes:

    Makes sense the amount of Bull coming out of him!!!

  • Dan B Cooper

    Helmut Marko, about as popular as the S&M dungeon and ho-master, you know who. F1 is better off without them both, now just one left to go.

  • McLaren Fan

    It is about time the FIA took action against Marko.

  • PistonRovente

    @Disgusted with 2012

    you seem to forget that if it is impossible to give the place back then they will adopt the drive throug penalty or the time penalty that correspond to that…see Alonso at Silverstone 2010 for the pass on Kubica. Say hi to Fingerino