Technical bosses meet to discuss Red Bull rules saga

Adrian Newey (GBR) Red Bull Racing Chief Technical Officer looks at the McLaren on the grid. Formula One World Championship, Rd9, British Grand Prix, Race, Silverstone, England, Sunday 8 July 2012.Jul.23 (GMM) Formula One technical directors are meeting on Monday, according to a report in Auto Motor und Sport.

Undoubtedly at the very top of the agenda will be the Red Bull engine mapping saga that gripped the Hockenheim paddock mere hours before Sunday’s German Grand Prix.

Ultimately, the FIA admitted that it could not penalise the team, even though stewards insisted they did not “accept all the arguments” put forward by Red Bull.

The suggestion is that Red Bull adhered to the letter of the law, but not the “spirit”.

“There is no clause in the regulations that refers to the spirit of the regulations,” insisted team boss Christian Horner.

“The rules are in black and white and, having looked at the evidence, the FIA were fully satisfied.”

But a cleaning-up of the rules is now regarded as likely.

“This must be stopped,” Peter Sauber said clearly. “Otherwise all that happens is a lot of money is thrown out of the window.

“And that is clearly what the FIA wanted to avoid with the new rules,” he added.

Even Martin Whitmarsh, the head of the powerful McLaren team, agreed that leaving the current rules alone would lead to “an arms race” that will cost “a lot of money”.

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  • No Respect For FIA

    Close the hole, Red Bull knew full well that Blown exhaust are not allowed. The FIA should have penalized Red Bull and should go back and take away points from past races that the mapping shows they have been doing this.

    I have lost all respect for Formula One.

  • Jody Renza

    There seems to be more racing going on in boardrooms & in computer programs than on the actual race tracks these days..

  • Stewy33

    So the attention is all on Red Bull, but Ferrari has been the real question mark to me. Alonso and Massa have had a surge in performance but you don’t see anyone questioning where thier pace is coming from… Some times a distraction is all you need when all the questions are being asked somewhere else…

  • McLaren Fan

    @ No Respect For FIA
    The maps Red Bull were using are a form of traction control, and as we all know that is illegal.
    But the argument that Horner put up is in the way it has been written, BULL SHIT we know but they have managed to pull the wool over their eyes and now we have to wait.

  • Andii Sixx

    @McLaren Fan,
    I too back the Working based team, however, a lot of very clever people are employed by these team to push the rules to the absolute limit. The rule may well be written to try and outlaw TC but the RedBull guys have found a way to map their engine which is within the letter of the rules, the so called ‘spirit’ of the rule is not enforceable. Only what is written in black and white. The first recourse when a rival has something you don’t is always to try n get it banned. The heavy hitters will all be looking at how they can copy it if there’s no clamp down from the FIA.

  • wtf


    can we assume that all teams were subject compliance test where RBR was found out? what are your grounds for accusing Ferrari? a surge in performance? well it must be illegal then too! you should give Charlie a call and give him a run down on your findings!

    Look here Vettel fanboy, latest news points that RBR have found to be in breach of the spirit of the sport: fact. Now unless your a Formula 1 insider, your theory is just an annonymous waft of hot air with 0 credibility

  • McLaren Fan

    @ Andii Sixx:
    Total agreeance with you!!
    The one thing that is annoying is this has happened before with traction control being built in to gearboxes belonging to Benetton!