Pirelli boss hits back at Schumacher criticism

Paul Hembery (GBR) Pirelli Motorsport Director with FanVision. Formula One World Championship, Rd 19, Brazilian Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Interlagos, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Saturday 26 November 2011.Jul.21 (GMM) Pirelli F1 boss Paul Hembery hit back at Michael Schumacher’s implication that the Pirelli tyres supplied to F1 teams in 2013 are not “decent”.

The seven time world champion said earlier this week that he would like to see a ‘tyre war’ break out in Formula One again “Because then we would have decent tyres.”

Hembery, at Hockenheim, hit back: “He says that because the last time there was competition between tyre manufacturers, he (Schumacher) benefitted the most.”

The Briton is obviously referring to suggestions a lot of Schumacher’s success in his first career was due to Ferrari‘s famously close relationship with Bridgestone.

Hembery was quoted by Germany’s Auto Motor und Sport: “We adhere only to the rules, which are not made by Mr Schumacher, nor by Pirelli.”

The German report said it is obvious that Hembery and Schumacher are “not friends”.

Subbed by AJN.

  • usman fasih

    Hembery idiot, schumi won more than half of his races before bridgestone.

  • Lol.


    And less than half his championships. Idiot.

  • Prince

    Hope Bridgestone and Michelin come back to the sport you know there gonna fight back ahahha trye war is always good for the sport Pirelli tyre is just for the show that’s not racing :)

  • seb

    FANS HIT PIRELLI BOSS FOR HITTING BACK AT SCHUMI CRITICISM! this hembery is not decent at all! he should listen to schuey! tyre war would definitely give decent tyres compared to now either benefitting each of the drivers including schumi or not. and that’s it. knock some sense to you hembery!

  • Truth Hurts

    I guess the truth really hurts you Schumacher fans. Face it Bridgestone was making a single tire for only Schumacher and his Ferrari that no other team was even allowed to look at including his own team mate at Ferrari who was forced to run a different tire then what Bridgestone was making for Schumacher.

    Schumacher can’t compete unless he has an unfair advantage, the facts are the facts. My advice to Schumacher is to retire now because he has been exposed for the fraud he really is.

  • Prince

    i watch the qualify full wets is failling badly the tyre supposed not too when it’s rain it supposed to be stable for the car:(

  • haha

    with the same logic, Pirelli prefer to be the sole supplier coz they’re afraid of competition? They prefer to have tires made “only” by them so no one can say how shitty they are in comparison lol

  • gburg3

    I never like Hembery’s answers. He always sounds so defense. Does he really think his responses to Michael’s comments will change his mind? I think they are making the tyres the way they were asked to but it was a bad call. I don’t want to see driver’s like MSC, ALO, RAI, and HAM being throttled back to save tyres. Those driver’s were meant to be aggressive, let em go.

  • Andy – London

    @ Truth Hurts

    Michael may not be the greatest driver of all time, but it’s annoying to keep hearing that he was in the fastest car all the time. The Williams of 94 and 95 was arguably a better car than the Benetton, and if you disagree with that, then Michael’s move to a terrible Ferrari team in 1996 despite an offer from Mclaren says it all. His first race for Ferrari resulted in a blown engine on the parade lap. The car was hopeless that year, yet he won 3 times, in 1997 the car was a little better and he came close.

    02 and 04 were definitely dominant – nobody would argue that, but the Williams of 03 or the McLaren should have really won the title, but Michael got the 1 point he needed at the last race to win title number 6.

    Of course the ridiculous ‘1 set of tires per race’ was brought in to change the pecking order and it worked out well for Michelin/Renault and predictably bad for Ferrari/Bridgestone.

  • mallamoozoo

    @Truth Hurts

    SPOT ON !!!!!

    Schumacher is the most over-rated driver (by clueless noobs) in the history of F1. Anybody who has the slightest understanding of racing knows that tyres are EVERYTHING – having the best tyres all to yourself is as much of an advantage as having a turbo engine in a field of NA engines. Its almost as if Schui had an F1 car and the rest a GP2 car with his exclusive use of Bridgestone’s “schui-special” tyre.

    I say his stats for all races on this tyre be declared null and void and immediately removed from the record books – they dont count for jacksquat AT ALL as far as I am concerned – never happened!