Susie Wolff still has F1 ambitions despite de Villota crash

02.07.2010, Nuernberg, Germany - Susie Stoddart (GBR), TV Spielfilm AMG Mercedes - Portrait - DTM 2010 - Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters at Norisring - 68. International ADAC Norisring Speedweekend - © Copyright: Schaefer/ DTM, Rd4, Norisring, Nuremberg, Germany. 2-4 July 2010.Jul.19 (GMM) Susie Wolff is sure she will get more chances to prove her skills in a Formula One car, despite the near fatal accident suffered by fellow female driver Maria de Villota.

Some insiders saw the serious injuries sustained by De Villota during a recent straight-line test for Marussia as a major setback for F1’s other female driver.

But Wolff, who is a test driver for Williams, remains scheduled to drive the FW34 in October.

Recently, Wolff conducted a straight-line aerodynamic test for the British team.

“I was sick when I heard about Maria’s accident,” she is quoted by the Kolner Express newspaper.

But, while also a DTM driver, she said her own F1 job remains on track.

“I am looking forward to seeing in October how close I can get to the level expected of a top driver,” said Wolff.

She denied the Williams gig is a PR stunt, or just because her husband Toto is a Williams co-owner.

“Although he’s my husband and biggest supporter, he’s also my biggest critic. He even said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to see me in a Formula One car,” said Mrs. Wolff.

“I have to show them what I can do, especially Frank Williams. He would never let anyone in his car that he doesn’t think deserves a chance.”

So is she dreaming of lining up on the grid any time soon?

“No, at the moment that’s unrealistic,” said Wolff, 29. “If things go well, I’ll get more opportunities to sit in the car.

“But I do think that a woman will be there [in F1] in the next ten years.”

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  • Psych4191

    This is kind of sexist. I mean, we wouldn’t be writing about Valtteri Bottas still hoping for a race seat even though Jules Bianchi got hurt in a crash or something. Seems kind of dumb that Susie Wolff would be effected by De Villota.

  • Kevin

    This has to be the dumbest premise for a story ever. The idea that one women being hurt would harm all other women in the sport is just silly – as Phych points out. Further, considering that F1 male drivers tip the scales at 150+/- pounds, it’s hardly a sport where massive muscle is a factor. It’s just a matter of time before a female driver emerges. The unfortunate reality is, that women will have had to overcome an unfair gauntlet of sexism that exists from the lowest karting ranks up to and including F1.