F1 drivers saddened by possible demise of Nurburgring

Nurburgring aerial viewJul.19 (Reuters) Formula One drivers have lamented the perilous financial situation facing Germany’s Nurburgring track with Nico Rosberg saying losing it would be like Italy without Monza.

The German state of Rhineland-Palatinate announced on Wednesday that Nurburgring GmbH, owner of the circuit which stages the German Grand Prix in odd-numbered years, was set to file for insolvency.

“It’s a lot of history for us German drivers, we wish the situation improves and that we find solutions,” Rosberg told reporters at Hockenheim, host of this year’s race.

“”It would be shame to lose the Nurburgring as a race, it’s one of the most traditional races in the calendar. It would be like losing Monza for the Italians.”

Australia’s Mark Webber added: “”It’s a sensational little track, a track which has to stay in the same configuration and stay open forever.

“”It’s one of the most amazing bits of tarmac in the world, a beautiful, beautiful, little circuit.”

The Nurburgring opened in 1927 and held its first German Grand Prix the same year. A new shortened version of the circuit has been used since 1984 because the old one no longer met safety standards.

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  • Forza Ferrari

    Yes, I agree with F1 drivers completely. It’s an absolutely fantastic track and it absolutely must…MUST stay in Formula 1 calendar! If this trend continues then soon there will be no cool tracks left in F1. All that’s gonna be left are those boring desert tracks that don’t have any soul or history. I’m honestly very concerned for the direction that Formula 1 is going these days :(

  • ?

    @Forza Ferrari

    You mean Tilkedromes?

  • Nemo

    Changing Hockenheim layout was F1 biggest loss in recent years. Not only did they change it, but also ripped up the track. At least the Nurburgring layout will remain

  • Hawk

    you wait for the time they will shorten SPA. its coming soon. seems to be the trend.

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