Alonso: I’m in the best condition of my career

Fernando Alonso speaks to media in Germany

Fernando Alonso speaks to the media in Germany

Jul.19 (Ferrari) On an overcast day at Germany’s Hockenheim circuit, Fernando Alonso was in a bright mood as he met the press to discuss a season that sees him leading the drivers’ championship as we approach the mid-point.

Fernando Alonso Ferrari F2012 MechanicsAsked about the balance of power heading into this weekend’s German Grand Prix, he nonetheless preferred to remain cautious: “It’s more or less the same as the last four or five grands prix. Whoever is leading the championship is not a big factor at the moment because everything is changing so quickly, positions in the weekends are never the same and it’s always a bit of a mix. So I’m approaching this grand prix in the same way, trying to maximise what we have in our hands and trying to test some new updates on the car which we hope will work.”

“It’s true that Red Bull have perhaps been quicker than everybody not just in the last two or three races but ever since Bahrain. They missed pole position in Barcelona and Silverstone but the rest of the poles have all been Red Bull. So they are definitely a bit ahead in terms of performance and we need to catch up,” observed the two time F1 world champion.

Race winner Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari F2012 punches the air as he wins the race. Formula One World Championship, Rd8, European Grand Prix, Race Day, Valencia, Spain, Sunday 24 June 2012.When asked if he was driving better than ever, Fernando revealed his delight with the season so far. He singled out one mistake that he made during qualifying in Melbourne as the only thing he would change about his year: “In Formula One you are probably a better driver every year because you improve and you constantly learn from mistakes so I’m sure next year will be better. But it’s true that this championship has been good for us so far.”

He added, “I remember a mistake in Q2 in Australia where I touched the grass in Turn 1 and I spun. But apart from that mistake I probably wouldn’t change too many things about what I’ve done so far. This is good news because there are always mistakes here and there so I’m quite pleased with my performance.”

In terms of fitness, Fernando also revealed that he is in the best shape of his F1 career, adding: “Physically it’s my best year so far. In previous years I’ve had to race with pain, whether it’s in my leg or my shoulder, but so far this year it has been 100 percent in every race. Hopefully it will stay like this. Obviously a driver’s life is not normal as we don’t go to an office for eight hours so we wake up and have four or five hours of training. That’s something I enjoy but yes, so far I’ve been in the best condition of my career.”

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  • fools

    no question that he looks well fit this year. he seems to be training much harder then last yr. as if he really made a personal goal for himself. but damn, thats alot of $$$$

  • visz963

    His new girly will take care of that

  • Forza Ferrari

    Fernando has really matured as a racing driver since joining Ferrari. He has definitely become better and more complete in every way. Before when he was in Renault and McLaren he seemed like a whiny spoiled kid but now he’s a true racing champion. His whole attitude has changed since joining Ferrari and he has really become a GREAT racing driver. Go Fernando and Go Ferrari!

  • Hawk

    Alonso stops short of agreeing with my earlier comment that an F1 driver peaks around this time. because this is when his physical capabilities, experience, intelligence (partly built by experience), and character/judgment converge. When he’s younger (25) his body is ahead of his brain and character (I prefer judgment). He’s hot, impulsive, cocky, aggressive, very quick though. When he’s older (35-40) that’s when his brain starts leaving his body behind. Overly patient, family, etc. Some drivers like JB, Webber are popular today because people didnt know them when they were younger. They were not in the spotlight. They almost came and passed like the Kleins, diGrassis, etc of this world.