Vettel insists Webber is not Red Bull’s title favourite

Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel after the race during the British Grand Prix at Silverstone Circuit on July 8, 2012 in Northampton, England.Jul.18 (GMM) Sebastian Vettel insists his bid for a third consecutive drivers’ title remains on track, despite the resurgence of teammate Mark Webber.

But with his teammate 16 points ahead and now fully signed up for 2013, while rumours of a Ferrari switch continue to swirl around Vettel, one theory is that Red Bull could be set to throw its full weight behind Webber’s campaign.

Vettel doesn’t think so.

“Both Mark and myself can go for the title; the team supports us equally,” the 25-year-old told Bild newspaper.

“He [Webber] is doing very well, but I firmly believe that the championship is absolutely possible for myself.

“With victory at Hockenheim, the situation would immediately look very different,” insisted Vettel.

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  • muddles

    Smug little creep.

  • Psych4191

    @muddles What exactly makes him smug in what he actually said? Yalla just bullshitted the title, all I see is Vettel believing in himself, which is not at all smug.

  • Kevin

    I don’t get the whole Vettel hatred thing at all. He’s a great driver, fully committed to F1 and his team, very technically savvy and a 2 time champ. He has earned self confidence through 5 years of steady development and progress, not to mention considerable success. While he has certainly had moments, as ALL drivers have, he’s certainly not as bad as a Prost or Schumacher, or even Hamilton at this point. He is also self managed (no massive PR team or brand manager), so what you see is what he is, unfettered by marketing shmoosers polishing his every utterance. Yet, all it takes is a 100 word article to bring the hateful reaction… I just don’t get it.

  • ?

    he’s certainly not as bad as a Prost or Schumacher, or even Hamilton at this point.

    You’re not talking about Alonso ’07, right?

  • ALL4IT

    Twisted TITLE of article… this is a STUPIDEST & DUMBEST title I ever read for whoever wrote it… right at this moment, no one is Redbull’s title favorite and both can be title favorite, don’t think Vettel is that stupid to say that, Yallaf1 makes out to say Vettel is putting down Webber that he has no chance? IT CERTAINLY DIDN’T READ LIKE WHAT THE TITLE SUGGEST. vice versa, tomorrow there will be an article titled Webber insists Vettel CERTAINLY is not Redbull’s title favorite… follow by OH BIG REDBULL INTERNAL TURMOIL NOW!! this type of writing is just dumb. total misinterpretion, misleading, exaggerated, worst piece of writing I have ever read. stop making up stupid craps.

  • ALL4IT

    this is total rubbish yalla, read the article again there is nothing like the title suggested, who wrote this is just stupid.

  • ALL4IT

    I mean whoever wrote the TITLE is really really really F#%$ing stupid! how did Yalla translate the content into such a title? anyone think Vettel or Webber is that stupid to say that? a make up piece of crap. tomorrow there will be an article titled “Webber CERTAINLY insists Vettel is not Redbull’s title favorite”. it simply just dumb. THE END.

  • Nemo

    Why is everyone getting upset over the title? Maybe you guys should read the actual article instead. The book ‘To kill a mockingbird’ is not about killing mockingbirds.

  • wtf


    because his idol is Michael Jackson