Massa went for therapy during slump in form

Felipe Massa FerrariJul.12 (GMM) Felipe Massa has admitted to enlisting the support of a psychologist and seeking therapy in the wake of his post-injury performance slump, which has endangered his future with Ferrari and perhaps even F1.

With the Brazilian last standing on a podium almost two years ago, some believe Ferrari’s patience after Massa’s recovery from serious head injuries in 2009 has finally run out.

“The bad results influenced the psychological side,” the 31-year-old admitted to the Portuguese language Revista Espn magazine.

“I found a psychologist and went through therapy. I will try everything right until the end, because I believe that things will change,” said Massa, who has not won a race since nearly taking the title in 2008.

He has consistently denied that his 2009 crash had any influence on his performance afterwards.

Massa now admits: “I’m not stupid. I’m tired of thinking about it. Not only did I think about it, I had 45,000 examinations. All the doctors say there is nothing [affecting my performance],” said the Ferrari driver.

Massa, however, complained that “99 per cent” of the Brazilian press has turned against him.

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  • jack

    I don’t blame his injury, i think the ol’ fernando is faster than you thing knocked his motivation and its good to see him up in the top 6 again.

  • CJ

    Obvivously JACK you have never been injured , sure its great to see him improve after the accident he had he is very lucky to be even back in the racing seat.

  • Forza Ferrari

    Go-go-go Massa! I believe in you! You are a true Ferrari driver when you’re at your best! Great job in Silverstone!

  • McLaren Fan

    @jack I think you are right the “Fernando is faster than you”. Will have affected him he is a driver who needs people to believe in him that is why Rob is so good with him.
    @CJ Yes he had to recover after the accident it almost killed him, but he was getting it together then they hit him with a BRICK “Fernando is faster than you”.
    What would that have done to any driver.
    Then to give him a car built for Alonso come on he has had to relearn how to drive Alonso style.