Alonso best so far in 2012 claims Red Bull driver boss

Second placed Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari celebrates on the podium. Formula One World Championship, Rd9, British Grand Prix, Race, Silverstone, England, Sunday 8 July 2012.Jul.11 (GMM) Red Bull and Ferrari‘s Fernando Alonso are shining brighter than any of their rivals so far in this season according driver consultant Helmut Marko who advises the energy drinks team on matters relating to F1.

Marko, referred to Alonso’s championship lead, and the fact that Red Bull and McLaren are the only teams whose drivers have each won a race so far this season.

“Overall I think we, together with Alonso, are the only ones who can consistently run at the front,” Austrian Marko, Red Bull’s motor racing consultant, told Servus TV.

He said McLaren’s challenge has slipped away in recent races, even though “we can not ignore [Lewis] Hamilton”.

“McLaren are having some problems at the moment, but it is a top team and Hamilton a top driver, and the points gap is quite small.

“Two or three good results and he is back up there again,” added Marko.

British newspapers have decried McLaren’s apparent slump, but former driver David Coulthard backed his old team to bounce back.

“They have the capability to win this championship,” he wrote in the Telegraph.

“The rate of development in Formula One is astonishing,” said Coulthard. “The introduction of a new package, small changes to setup, can make a big difference and it would not surprise me in the least if a McLaren won in Germany next week.”

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  • DonMhl005

    Alonso is the best indeed

  • AlonsoFan

    the man Helmut Marko was a lover of Sebestian vettel,he must be stabbing himself for praising Alonso and Hamilton because last year he was only singing poetic rhymes of vettel.Forza Ferrari Forza Alonso

  • fernando silva santos

    the best or the best

  • assad khan

    i know alonso is a great driver, always thought that. His attitude is what made me not support him, but a great driver nontheless. As for Hamilton, one of the best I do hope he gets back with his father and moves away from the superstar management and focus on what made him nearly defeat alonso in the same car.

  • Hawk

    According to Helmut, JB doesnt exist, therefore if it wasn’t for the Ham, McLaren would be a no show.

  • Jody Renza

    With Vettel having an eye on Ferrari in the future, is Marko having an eye on Alonso when Vettel joins the Scuderia?
    If Alonso wins the championship this year, he deserves it!

  • Kevin

    Vettel is not going to Ferrari, that’s a Ferrari/Italian press PR scam and nothing more. Marco is right about Alonso, of all drivers this season, he has delivered more than the rest – so far. However, the work that Weber/Vettel/Red Bull have accomplished recently may prove to eclipse Ferrari/Alonso soon enough. The pair of RBR drivers and their connection within the team overall is what makes RBR so tough. I don’t believe Hamilton has the capacity necessary to fully participate in McLaren developing solutions to its problems, so do not count him on the same plane as the others mentioned. McLaren needs a Schumacher talent in and out of the seat. Ferrari has that in Alonso, McLaren’s missing that with its rock star arrive and driver – and will continue to suffer for it.

  • fools

    @ assad khan then who in the driver lineup has a better attitude that is upright honest? Who is better then Alonso at doing that?

  • Andy – London

    @assad khan I know Alonso used to act very spoilt and petulant when at Renault and famously with McLaren in 2007 but we really don’t know what went on with him and Ron Dennis. It must have been uncomfortable in the Lewis-based team of 2007. Kovalainan found it exactly the same.

    However, since Fernando is now a little bit older, and is in his 3rd season with Ferrari, his change of attitude is there for all to see. He is no longer the prima-donna that he was. He is far more accessible, enjoys speaking to the fans. His Twitter comments are informative. I just think he is a very likeable person compared to the “old” Alonso. Michael is also more relaxed and friendly.

  • Evel

    I agree with this – Alonso is definitely the best of 2012 so far.
    He’s been fast, reliable and consistent, even when his car has not.
    Hamilton is a great driver and in my opinion the best qualifier but unfortunately the McLaren hasn’t had the pace of late.
    I’ve always felt he is a much more adaptable driver than Button.
    I’m backing Alonso or Webber for the Championship.