Hamilton open to talks with Lotus amid McLaren crisis

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) McLaren in the Press Conference.Jul.10 (GMM) McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton “is ready” to open talks with Lotus, according to a report in the British tabloid the Daily Mail.

But Enstone based Lotus’ is just the latest name in the hat as uncertainty continues to surround the 2008 world champion’s future at McLaren.

Hamilton’s lucrative contract runs out this year, and while he is expected to ultimately sign a new deal, he is reportedly at loggerheads over the level of his pay and other details, such as the right to keep his trophies.

Hamilton has also expressed concerns about McLaren’s faltering 2012 campaign, after seeing his championship deficit grow to 37 points after a poor weekend at Silverstone.

Asked if he is worried the Briton is close to jumping ship after McLaren’s British grand prix struggle, team boss Martin Whitmarsh said: “No, I think he’s smarter than that. He’s got to want to stay in this team, which I believe he does.”

Whether Hamilton stays or goes, McLaren’s normal post-race technical debriefing at Woking on Tuesday is being billed by the British media as a “crisis summit”.

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  • Jody Renza

    I for one do not think Lotus is a real option for Lewis.He is financially too demanding..if he decides to switch teams, the only ones that can afford him will be Ferrari,Red Bull and Mercedes. Tactics to improve his value & get Mclaren to give him a better car.

  • dimitris

    Why would Lotus want to change what has been so far a successful pair of drivers who both command about half the salary Hamilton wants? They will certainly perform much better in the second half of the season, given that they are both on a comeback after a two year absence and are learning the ways of the new F1. Kimi is on a two year deal, and I do not think Lotus would be willing to part with Romain who is showing great promise and may well be the star of the future.
    Yeah! a tactical ploy by Lewis to put pressure on Maclaren, even though I would not dismiss the idea of a team switch between Kimi and Lewis.

  • Hawk

    yeah right I agree.
    but if you read the article carefully it is not news but someone’s thinking. why should we be bothered with such?

  • Jay

    With the Red Bull seat for 2013 gone, Ferrari, Mercedes and Lotus are the remaining options. Why should Hamilton ditch Maclaren? Because they have fallen behind and Hamilton is wasted behind that wheel. Those that consider Alonso to be the fastest driver, and their number is growing daily, should remember that when Hamilton had the same equipment to Alonso, Hamilton was faster and now he has 4 years more experience too. Meanwhile Lotus have just agreed a deal with the most advanced wind tunnel testing company in the F1 business. Hamilton behind a Lotus in 2013 could be unbeatable, Pirelli allowing!

  • Harsha

    Is there any Vacancy in Lotus ?
    Answer is No i don’t think they would replace Grosjean for Lewis cos Grosjean was their find and when doing absolutely brilliant why they want to replace him with Lewis
    I think this is going to happen

  • fools


    if Alonso is slower then Hamilton why didn’t he win the championship when Alonso was his teammate that year?

    Matter fact it was a tie? So my point exactly. And two. That was Alonso first and only year with McLaren.

    As for Hamilton, he was born in the hands of the McLaren team and groomed as racer and trained by them. Did he beat Alonso still with all that experience talk you mentioned? NOPE!

    Hamilton is a good driver. Alonso is a GREAT driver.

    That is the ONLY difference.

  • McLaren Fan

    I have to agree with an previous statement from Alonso that he and Lewis can drag an under performing car around a track.
    I do not though see Lewis in RED. the combination of him and Fernando would be as explosive as before.
    I believe he will stay at Mclaren as Lotus will bot pay him enough and they seem to be completely happy with there drivers.

  • roya

    @yallaf1.. Guys you should work on your headlines everynow and then..

  • wtf

    I stopped reading at ‘british tabloid’

  • Kevin

    McLaren needs at least one driver who is expert at delivering both max effort drives and equal skill at delivering valuable technical input to build the car around – similar to the relationship Schumacher has had with Benneton and Ferrari, or Vettel has with Red Bull – to pull themselves back on top. Hamilton is not that driver. Yeah, he can drive, but is useless as a school girl in car development. He is not really good for McLaren at this point. Button delivers neither at this point, with a few outstanding drives far and few between. Hamilton’s failure in development participation has resulted in his own decline to a 4th-5th level WDC contender, on a team left foundering in need for high level input to get out of its constructors slump. Why this status quo is assumed to be unbreakable is a sign of McLaren’s own lack of vision and fallacious commitment to a driver lineup that is failing them.