McLaren targeting Coca-Cola title sponsorship

Jenson Button at British GPJul.9 (GMM) Coca-Cola, probably the most recognised brand name in the world, could enter Formula One and become McLaren‘s next title sponsor.

It emerged recently that the British team’s current main backer, Vodafone, is reviewing its major sponsorships.

According to the German-language website, business journalists Christian Sylt and Caroline Reid said Coke would be “an ideal replacement”.

The report said that Coca-Cola spends about EUR 80 million on the Olympic Games every four years, according to Street and Smith’s Sport Business Journal.

The soft drink company is heavily involved in NASCAR in the USA, where they sponsor the Coca-Cola 600 at the Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina during Memorial Day weekend.

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  • Harsha

    So after some time it was going to be Coco-Cola Mclaren Mercedes

  • Prince

    no wonder it’s still red and silver ahahhah

  • Bec

    Interesting that Vodafone are thinking about there continued sponsorship in F1.

    Since the Sky deal, the combined audiences in the UK (BBC+Sky) have dropped by 18.54% (so far this season), meaning Vodafone are set to lose at least $6.5 million in AVE brand awareness.

    No wonder sponsors are re-evaluating their presence.

  • Jody Renza

    What took them so long?? Very interesting..hope Bernie considers things more careful in the dropping circuits in Europe for empty stand races somewhere in a desert with 30 000 (rumoured) spectators. Maybe Vodafone must move to a team like Lotus or Force India..(we hope!)
    Coca-Cola Mclaren will sound & look very nice. The other worry is what engine will they use for the “New Turbo Era”..?

  • muddles

    Vodafone have dropped motor racing sponsorship in Australia claiming the money would be better spent on their infrastructure to give their network users a better user network.
    Maybe it will be McLaren go better with Coke. Lol.

  • wtf

    for taste = performance then Pepsi should do a deal with HRT ;)

  • aks

    forza ferrari no problem with sponsors or engines and every driver wants to get into that sooner or later.

  • Marti

    Coke is RED. Ferrari is red – Please NO
    Pepsi is blue – select a silver/blue shade
    Cant see Coca-Cola entering now.
    Mclaren already has 1 drink – Lucozade

  • Marti

    It will NOT B Coca-Cola Mclaren Mercedes – Mercedes deal ending soon – Peaugeot R a possible