Maldonado: Sergio can say what he wants, we are trying to do our best.

Pastor Maldonado versus Sergio Perez at the British Grand Prix

Pastor Maldonado versus Sergio Perez at the British Grand Prix

Jul.9 (Reuters) Crash-prone Venezuelan Pastor Maldonado was fined and reprimanded after the British Grand Prix at Silverstone for causing (yet) another collision that cost him any hope of scoring points for Williams and also sent Sergio Perez into instant retirement from the race.

(L to R): Sergio Perez (MEX) Sauber with Pastor Maldonado (VEN) Williams. Formula One World Championship, Rd 7, Canadian Grand Prix, Preparations, Montreal, Canada, Thursday 9 June 2011.The stewards, including 1992 world champion Nigel Mansell, fined him 10,000 euros ($12,300) and said two penalties had been applied due to the serious nature of the 12th lap incident with Sauber’s Perez.

Perez’s car was pushed off track after the broadside impact as they battled for the corner, and he vented his frustration with a rival with whom he has tangled with previously this season.

“He doesn’t respect other drivers,” Perez told the BBC after stepping out of the car and trudging back to the Silverstone paddock while Maldonado remained on track and finished 16th.

“I was already in front and he should have given space not to crash, but he tried to push me all the way. I don’t understand why he drives like that and I hope the stewards do something,” said the Mexican. “This guy will never learn if they don’t do something. He could hurt someone. Everybody has concerns about him.”

Pastor Maldonado (VEN) Williams FW33 crashed at the re-start.  Formula One World Championship, Rd 6,  Monaco Grand Prix, Race, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Sunday 29 May 2011.Maldonado, surprise winner of the Spanish Grand Prix in May, has a reputation as a quick driver with more than a few rough edges still to be smoothed off.

The former GP2 champion did not make any mistakes when he triumphed in Barcelona from pole but his short Formula One career has been littered with incidents and crashes that have cost his team precious points.

He was given a time penalty that cost him a point at the previous race in Valencia after colliding with McLaren‘s Lewis Hamilton while fighting for third place.

Before that, Maldonado had collected three grid penalties in two races. One of those was a 10 place penalty for colliding with Perez in Monaco final free practice – an impact that cost him a further five places when his damaged gearbox had to be changed.

The Williams team felt it was a racing incident but accepted the reprimand.

“In that moment I was coming out of the pit with cold tyres. I was on the inside of the corner, so it was mine, Sergio was outside trying to take the position from me,” Maldonado had said after the race.

“I tried to defend and lost the rear of the car and we bumped tyres. It was disappointing. It was an unlucky race for me and that is it. Sergio can say what he wants. We are racing, we are trying to do our best.”

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  • Hawk

    No grid penalty?

  • hillside

    i want to see Pastor squeeze somebody all the way to the wall, just like how Schumi do it back in the day. that’ll put a scare for sure

  • Kevin

    The guy is really awful. He had the inside of the corner, so it was his, so when Perez attempted to pass to the outside (a legitimate move) he defended – mid corner? Then, by moving to the outside the crowd Perez, lost it because he made a sudden change in steering input mid-corner. He lacks judgement and skill, he is using his car as a weapon, and he’s not very smart. This is why drivers selected by the wad of cash they bring to the table and not for their demonstration of competitive skill on track is bad for F1.

  • McLaren Fan

    He must be costing Williams more in parts than he is bringing to the team.
    He is destroying the teams reputation how can anyone take the team seriously with him as a driver at least Bruno try’s to keep the car on the track.
    He will end up killing a driver or marshal and he broke a marshal’s back already.

  • Speedo

    Reading the headline makes me think that he is not only stupid but idiotic and with no respect for other drivers. Now that the invoice for the purchases of his seat from Williams has leaked out, it confirms that his seat was bought for him by his country’s President. The purchase prise is going up to US$ 63 million in the following years. I can not understand why the President of his country would pay so much money for this idiot to retain his seat at Williams. Perez is call for a race ban in order to curb Mad-donado. He just received a paltry fine and reprimand. Who is going to be his next victim???

  • fools

    i have mixed thought for this guy Pastor. He is fast…faster then Senna if he doesn’t DNF. However…he is a pay driver so he gets more criticism he won GP2 championship so he obviously has skill.

    However, with his actions in recent races and accidents He needs to be revised and taught somerespect from other passing cars especially when you have the inside lane already to apex yet you drive wide to defend is odd. Thats what FIA needs to look at. He obviously can win. Which he did earlier in the season. So they guy can drive. Perhaps just too aggressive. He needs to be taught better to be a gentleman driver such as Webber and Alonso.

  • wtf

    Pastor looks like a hitman