Hamilton: Hopefully at some stage we’ll get a car to challenge at the front

Jenson Button at British GP Lewis Hamilton at British GP

Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button in parc ferme after the British GP

Jul.9 (Reuters) Lewis Hamilton fears his Formula 1 title hopes could disappear unless McLaren can pick up the pace after a disappointing showing by the team’s two drivers in their home grand prix, at Silverstone.

Lewis Hamilton McLaren Fernando Alonso Ferrari British Grand Prix Silverstone

Lewis Hamilton McLaren Fernando Alonso Ferrari British Grand Prix Silverstone

The 2008 world champion finished in eighth place, while team mate and 2009 champion Jenson Button could manage only 10th. Hamilton told the BBC, “We are still in the fight, but unless we find something it’s going to be hard to stay in the fight. I raced my heart out as always but we just struggled; we did not have enough speed in general.”

Hamilton, who won at Silverstone in 2008, briefly led the race in the early stages before a pit stop. He was never able to get back into contention in a grand prix won by Australian Mark Webber for Red Bull.

“I was expecting us to get at least fifth, but those teams in front of us were much quicker,” added Hamilton, who is fourth in the championship on 92 points. Spaniard Fernando Alonso, second on Sunday, leads the standings on 129.

“We will keep our heads down, stay focused and hopefully at some stage we will get a car to challenge at the front,” added Hamilton.

Lewis Hamilton Jenson Button McLaren Formula One World Championship, Rd9, British Grand Prix, Race, Silverstone, England, Sunday 8 July 2012.Meanwhile, Button’s race was compromised on Saturday when he could do no better than qualify 18th but he had an effective, if unspectacular afternoon, rising to tenth by the chequered flag, within sight of his team-mate. “To actually see Lewis at the end was a surprise, considering how far back we started. I don’t think we did anything wrong with strategy, I think it all worked out pretty well: we just weren’t quick enough today.”

Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh suggested after the race that McLaren had been wrong-footed by the unexpectedly rain-free conditions. “A dry race wasn’t what we were expecting – and, undoubtedly, had it been a wet race, as was predicted, our competitiveness relative to that of our opposition would have been significantly enhanced,” he said.

McLaren have slipped from second to fourth in the constructors’ championship, behind leaders Red Bull, Ferrari and Lotus.

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  • Hawk

    by then it will be too late.
    if not a good car at least have a good team like Ferrari at the beginning of the season.
    for instance what was Lewis doing out after 20 laps in the first stint? all could see that he was losing time to MSC and Kimi. and to Romain (hindsight this one).
    secondly, why such a short stint on the yellow? 3 more laps..
    but at the end of the day he only lost 2 points to MSC. Grosjean was having him either way.
    its therefore no surprise that JB was within sight of Lewis. it’s because he pitted early in the first stint.

  • Jody Renza

    Totally agree, but it’s really strange that Mclaren “normally” start a season with a “bad car” then improves to a “better car” winning races.This year they were the better team loosing it totally to have a “bad car” as the season gets to the break. Is it perhaps to do with a certain guy that was having a torrid time while he was at Williams imprinting his mark at Mclaren…? Just a thought..lol..Jenson Button is having such a bad time now…let’s rather not even speculate what the problem is..him & his engineer or the team/car? Maybe the updates on the MP4-27 was more “downdates”..

  • Harsha

    At some stage yeah right after Brazilian Grand Prix 2012 Lewis why not you can drive the Car as you like

  • AlonsoFan

    the Mclaren team seems to have lost its focus now but thankfully they have speed up the pitstops now but the cars’ actual race speed is now slow:(

  • Speedo

    That is all you can do Hope! They did fantastic pit stops but the car went backwards sadly. After reading the following article it seems they were led up the gum tree and got stuck. Quote “An unnerving line from Mark Hughes’ latest column into the team’s ongoing demise is that ‘when Button suggested a new direction after Bahrain, the team did not question it’. Since then, driver and team have been racing up a dead end and even in Canada, when Hamilton triumphed, there was a tell-tale clue in Jenson’s horror-show that McLaren were slowly becoming undone. Now it seems they’ve lost their way to the extent of losing all sense of direction” unquote. That is why now Lewis’ car is performing just like Jenson’s car. Lewis has been let down by McLaren.

  • wtf

    McLaren is hopeless and Button is the new Massa

  • Barrouin

    MacLaren is disappointing us. There are problems in the car and the team. The pit stops always have errors and the cars are slow. Hamilton and Button are good drivers and the cars are not the height of them.