Perez: If they don’t do something, Maldonado could hurt someone

Sergio Perez (MEX) Sauber retired from the race after clashing with Pastor Maldonado (VEN) Williams. Formula One World Championship, Rd9, British Grand Prix, Race, Silverstone, England, Sunday 8 July 2012.

Long walk back to the pits for Sergio Perez after clashing on track with Pastor Maldonado

Jul.8 (Reuters) Mexican Sergio Perez railed against Venezuelan rival Pastor Maldonado after they collided at the British Grand Prix, at Silverstone, on Sunday and demanded that the stewards take action against the Williams driver  – which they did after the race by handing the Venezuelan a reprimand and a $12,300 fine.

(L to R): Sergio Perez (MEX) Sauber with Pastor Maldonado (VEN) Williams. Formula One World Championship, Rd 7, Canadian Grand Prix, Preparations, Montreal, Canada, Thursday 9 June 2011.Formula One stewards said the 12th-lap incident, with Perez’s Sauber pushed off track after a broadside impact as they battled for the corner, would be looked at after the race.

“He doesn’t respect other drivers,” Perez told the BBC after stepping out of the car and trudging back to the Silverstone paddock. Maldonado remained on track. “I was already in front and he should have given space not to crash, but he tried to push me all the way. I don’t understand why he drives like that and I hope the stewards do something.”

“This guy will never learn if they don’t do something, he could hurt someone. Everybody has concerns about him. The way he is driving the stewards have to do something. He affects many other drivers, I am not the only one,” added the Mexican.

Maldonado gave his version, “It was very disappointing moment. The race was going good for us, we had good strategy. In that moment I was coming out of the pit with cold tyres. I was on the inside of the corner, so it was mine, Sergio was outside trying to take the position from me. I tried to defend and lost the rear of the car and we bumped tyres.”

Pastor Maldonado (VEN) Williams FW34 retires from the race. Formula One World Championship, Rd6, Monaco Grand Prix, Race Day, Monte-Carlo, Monaco, Sunday 27 May 2012.“It was disappointing. It was an unlucky race for me and that is it. Sergio can say what he wants. We are racing, we are trying to do our best. I was trying to defend, he was trying to gain and this is racing,” mused the Venezuelan.

Maldonado, winner of the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona in May, has a reputation as a quick driver with more than a few rough edges.

He did not make any mistakes in Barcelona but his short Formula One career has been littered with incidents and crashes that have cost his team precious points.

The two south Americans previously crossed swords during the Monaco Grand Prix weekend, where Maldonado was given a grid penalty after chopping across path of the Sauber driver for no apparent reason during practice.

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  • McLaren Fan

    Pastor Maldonado is a major accident waiting to happen!!!

  • fawxx

    he needs to be relegated.

  • Jody Renza

    How many accidents will Cowboy Maldonado have to cause before he will be banned for a race or two?? If it was a top 6 driver the FIA would have reacted long time ago..

  • stefan_

    Maldonado is like a ticking bomb.

  • akid zulqarnain

    Maldonado is stupid… ugly & stupid… enuff said..

  • Tamburello_1994

    Once you get this kind of reputation, You’re pretty much toast.

    Gonna make the next driver’s meeting VERY INTERESTING ! :)

  • Chris

    Sergio Perez is not South American. Mexico is part of North America.

    YallaF1 is such a poor site for F1 news…

  • Dan

    @Chris yallaf1 is better than the official F1 website

  • wtf

    this guy obviously dosent know how to give in. His description of ‘the corner was mine’ and ‘he was trying to take the positon of me’

    Please some one explain to him: Yes champ, people will try to overtake you; this is racing. You might have the inside line but if someone comes up the outside then thats no reason to crash into them you clown

  • f1_fan

    he must be kidding! “the corner was mine”.

  • Hawk

    and at the end of it all; No grid penalty.
    just a measly 10K.

  • Hawk

    Didn’t Nigel Mansell drive for Sir FW at one time?