Alonso being hailed as best of current generation of F1 drivers

Fernando Alonso relaxing in the Ferrari pit garage the Silverstone

Fernando Alonso relaxing in the Ferrari pit garage the Silverstone

Jul.8 (GMM) As he consolidates his 2012 F1 world championship lead at the wheel of a still-inferior Ferrari F2012, Fernando Alonso is being hailed almost universally within the paddock.

Fernando Alonso  Ferrari British Grand Prix Qualifying SilverstoneThe season began disastrously for Ferrari with the poor F2012, but as the technical boffins set to work on its weaknesses, the Spaniard at the wheel was always flawlessly consistent.

Totally outclassed in Australia, he still finished fifth, he is the only driver to have won more than one grand prix so far, and Alonso has never been outside of the points at the fall of the chequered flag.

The result is a 20-point lead as the mid-season point nears, and on Sunday he will start a race from pole position for the first time in two years.

Legendary F1 TV commentator Murray Walker said after Silverstone qualifying, “People query whether Fernando Alonso is best driver in F1. I don’t query it, I think he is and he has proven it once again. This car has come good brilliantly in the hands of Alonso.”

“Alonso does more things right than any other driver in the field,” former Williams co-owner Patrick Head, on a rare visit to the paddock on Saturday, told Auto Motor und Sport.

The praise is just as shining from another rival team – Mercedes.

Fernando Alonso celebrates the podium after winning the Grand Prix of Europe on home soil in Valencia“He is simply one of the all-time greats,” Ross Brawn said at Silverstone.

“He wins races he shouldn’t win, races that he’s got no right to win. And that’s the mark of a great driver,” the Mercedes team boss told the Guardian. “He’s not had a great car this year but he’s on top of the championship. He has managed to get there because of what he is, the driver he is.”

The praise doesn’t stop there. Even Red Bull‘s Christian Horner had to admit that – despite Sebastian Vettel’s utter dominance in Valencia two weeks ago – the Spaniard is the “obvious” threat.

It’s a similar tune even among Alonso’s on-track rivals.

Caterham’s Heikki Kovalainen said: “Whatever the track, whatever the conditions, there is always one common denominator – Fernando is always near the front.”

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  • fawxx

    damn right!

  • Michel

    Forza Ferrari!

  • Butterfly

    Ross Brawn’s praise carries the most weight.

  • ScuFer

    Yes…Go Fernando…Go Ferrari…!!! :) WDC 2012 is yours!!! :D

  • Stewy33

    I wounder if Alonso would of lapped the entire field in races if he was driving the RB7 last year. We will never know, but I wounder what Alonso could do in a dominate car.

  • Quattro_T

    As I have been saying last couple of years to the few bitter Fernando-haters we see on some forums (mostly Brittish strangely enough) – just lay back and enjoy the show this man is putting on for us all. You can compare him to the absolute greatest of all times and these does not come very often.
    The record he has for (at least) since 2010, beating all current top drivers (except dominant Vettel) in a notably and consistently less competitive car over a sample of three seasons, is beautifully (á la Stella) remarkable.
    What he would be doing with a dominant car? Surely better than what Schumacher did when he had one at Ferrari – He would most certainly make F1 very very very boring and destroying many Sundays for the haters.

  • Dr who

    Lol the only driver he beat was the oldest one on the grid. More likely the other way round, Vettel dominated, Lewis beat him in his rookie year and as for doing better than Schumacher in a dominant Ferrari it seems it’s taking the better Alonso longer…

  • Lol

    And he lost today’s victory to RedBull’s no.2…
    After having such a lead and quicker car, yes boring, VERY boring lol!

  • Butterfly

    That RB8 can sure look after its tires. I think Webber’s softs lasted as long as Alonso’s hards. In the end. finishing 2nd is a massive achievement for Ferrari here. Oh, and Felipe is 4th,

    Not a bad day, I have to say.

  • The Real Philly J

    Too bad his strategist doesn’t equal Alonso’s talent.

    Still, at least Lewser didn’t win.

  • AlonsoFan

    As expected Fernando’s pole yesturday was hiding Ferrari’s true pace (3rd fastest car)..and even F1 commentators agree that F2012 was eating its soft tyres.and Alonso wasnt able to catch webber due to Ferraris lack of top speed.

  • visz963

    So far, Alonso could not beat any of his decent teammates. Trulli, Hamilton. He could only shine against losers like Massa and Piquet. Therefore we can not only say that he is not one of the best, more than that, we can say that he has proven that is is not one of the best.

    The best drivers do not get beaten by teammates.

    He is an overpaid and overrated bastard.

  • Clare

    @visz963 Hehe Well in that case Hamilition got beaten by Button. And Button in turn by Fisichella . So i guess Alonso is still good eh?
    And Trulli? You drunk mate

  • visz963

    The answer is the bottom of every bottle

  • Lol

    Well at least he can have team mates move over after being radio’ed that “he is faster than them” or even better crash into a wall so he catches up.