Pirelli announces tyre compound choices up to Hungary

Jul.2 (Pirelli) The tyre choices for the two grands prix that remain up to the traditional mid-season break – Germany and Hungary – have been announced by Pirelli.

The P Zero White medium tyre and P Zero Yellow soft tyre will be nominated for both races.

Hockenheim, the home of the German Grand Prix this year, is one of just three new tracks for Pirelli in Formula One competition this year, together with Bahrain and the United States.

Data simulation, together with Pirelli’s previous experiences of supplying GP3 at Hockenheim, indicate that the medium compound together with the soft compound will be the best combination to cope with the wide-ranging demands of the German circuit, which contains several fast sections as well as a slower and more technical loop.

The Hungaroring, which was used last year, is much more tight and twisty with little grip. Ambient and track temperatures are normally very high, which also suit the P Zero White and P Zero Yellow tyres.

The 2012 rules stipulate that under normal circumstances each team will receive six sets of the harder compound and five sets of the softer compound for the race weekend, which can now be used at any point from free practice one on Friday onwards. Pirelli will also bring its Cinturato Green intermediate tyre for damp track conditions (four sets per driver) as well as the Cinturato Blue rain tyre (three sets per driver) to each race.

The tyre choices so far:

  • Harsha

    Soft and Medium for Hungary was a good choice and i was really looking forward for SPA tire choice

  • TheRealPhillyJ

    I’ll say it again. Pirelli sucks. One tyre manufacturer sucks. Static engine rules suck. Hardly the pinnacle of motorsport anymore…

    just saying

  • Harsha

    you are right but you need to blame Bernie for that
    Banning Fuel loading in middle of race and The heavy degradation Tires along with the Useless Bans on the Best Innovations making the game to go Backwards instead of Forward