Montezemolo: I am worried because we’ve seen Red Bull is very strong

Ferrari Luca di Montezemolo was in valencia for qualifying

Luca di Montezemolo was in Valencia for qualifying

Jun.29 (Ferrari) “I am worried and all of us should be.” With this realistic if somewhat raw statement, Luca di Montezemolo began his usual address to all the personnel at Scuderia Ferrari, gathered together in the logistics building for the meeting that takes place after every victory.

Stefano Domenicali, Fernando Alonso, Felipe Massa and Luca Di Montezemolo Ferrari“Yes, I am worried, because I expect three very tough races at Silverstone, Hockenheim and Budapest and because we have seen that Red Bull is very strong, having had four tenths in hand over everyone in qualifying and in the race it was flying away, at least until the Safety Car. If we want to achieve our goals then we must make a step forward.”

The President’s sober words implied that, even on this occasion, the final time the team found itself together to enjoy the sweet taste of Alonso’s win in Valencia, everyone should still have their feet on the ground. The focus is now on the triplet of races coming up in July and beyond and it’s right to underline that there is still a lot of work to do if the team is really to win the World Championship.

“It’s thanks to your work, to an extraordinary driver who, not by chance, drives for Ferrari, to the strategy, the pit stops and the efforts of everyone at the track and back home, that we find ourselves leading the championship, even if we don’t have the best car,” continued Montezemolo.

“Now we must ensure we do everything as well as possible because winning depends solely and exclusively on us. It would be a big mistake to think the win in Valencia means we have done enough: today we have a competitive car, but to win, we must do even more.”

Luca di Montezemolo (ITA) Ferrari President talks with the media.Montezemolo expressed his satisfaction with the victory at the European Grand Prix, recognising the worth of what was achieved last Sunday in a marvellous race, but he does not deny that external circumstances, such as the Safety Car and the retirement of a handful of adversaries, leant a hand. “I don’t want outsiders to think that one win is enough for us to put on a fireworks display. I know how much you are working, how many sacrifices have been made, but I am the first to know that that all of us, without exception, must still give something more.”

The end of Montezemolo’s brief address was more in line with the occasion. “Let’s remember for a few more minutes that we are leading the world championship, then let’s get back to work. First of all however, I would ask you to applaud a few people. Starting with Fernando, because after a race like that, it’s the least we can do: rarely have I seen him make so many overtaking moves and show such extraordinary determination from the start to the chequered flag.”

Fernando Alonso celebrates the podium after winning the Grand Prix of Europe on home soil in Valencia“Secondly, Felipe, this time, not in order to encourage him as was the case earlier in the season, but as a sign of faith because he knows we are counting on him: we must give him a better and more,” added Montezemolo. “The third applause is for the pit stop guys, who have worked so much this year and have improved to the point that they are the benchmark for all the teams in a season in which the pit stops are usually decisive: they are our pride and joy.”

“The final round of applause and I am the first to put my hands together, is for your boss. Stefano Domenicali has never shirked his responsibilities, even acting as a lightning conductor for all the criticism, protecting his people, while at the same time knowing how to demand the maximum effort, how to build a team and look to the future in a positive way and with the right sense of realism. He deserves it,” concluded the Ferrari boss.

  • McLaren Fan

    He is right the Bull is scary fast with the new rear 20 laps 20 seconds that is remarkable There must be a turbo hiding in the floor.

  • AlonsoFan

    the Redbull is just mega at Valencia always since 2010.I dont know if its the circuit layout or the mega downforce of RB cars that allow RBR to always be fastest at this circuit.

  • fools

    regardless of what has been said and done. Ferrari needs to work triple hard now. 3 races in 1 month will be tuff for wins with a so so Ferrari.

    Ferrari needs wins, not points. There doing good so far. But to win a championship they need to be “great”

    Lets go Alonso! This is your year man! WDC on pace!

  • f1 fan

    I wonder who Alonso would be supporting in the Euro cup Finals Italy or Spain.

  • Kevin

    The real race will be between Red Bull and the FIA. Can Red Bull continue to innovate to match the pace of rules flip flops and “clarification” interpretations? Having a driver skilled at extracting the maximum from every advancement (Vettel) amplifies each small gain. This is a seriously tough team rivaling the capacity of the Ferrari/MSC pairing. Which means July is going to be an interesting month – possibly the turning point for the entire season. If Ferrari manage to add momentum, they can win the entire season in just three races. If RBR take off, they can overcome the misses thus far in the season and carry momentum forward. Should McLaren find their center, or Lotus take off, their could be upsets in the making. There is also the potential for any number of other scenarios in the mix… meaning the season will stay strange for the duration. All cool stuff!