Marko laments increased politics in F1 paddock

Helmut Marko with Sebastian VettelJun.29 (GMM) F1 consultant Helmut Marko has claimed that life in the paddock for Red Bull has become “really difficul”‘ in recent times, for the energy drink owned team.

Red Bull has dominated the sport recently and are the reigning double champions, and according to owner Dietrich Mateschitz’s right-hand man, that is the source of the negative rumblings.

There have been suggestions of cost-agreement cheating, regular technical infringements, and at Valencia recently both Marko and Sebastian Vettel suggested that the safety car was deployed chiefly to spoil Vettel’s big lead.

Marko even intimated a double-standard had been applied when comparing Vettel’s drive-through penalty for using DRS in Barcelona to Michael Schumacher’s stewards escape last weekend.

“When you think about the course of a race weekend, it all sounds so nice and so simple, but it’s very different in reality,” said the Austrian.

“There is so much politics involved,” Marko told “If Martin Whitmarsh wishes me a pleasant day, I get really nervous and wonder what is up.”

He declared that Red Bull’s place in the F1 paddock is a difficult one.

“The first reason is that we are not a car maker or a traditional racing car constructor. What hurts even more is that along with Ferrari we have reached a super deal with Bernie Ecclestone, and not just in the budget but also in the prestige.

“That’s why our life is really difficult at the moment,” said Marko.

Subbed by AJN.

  • tharris19

    That’s the pot calling the kettle black.

  • McLaren Fan

    Marko should shut up its the same for all the teams they are all under a microscope they are all asking is this or that legal they all have spies with long lenses watching every move.
    Oh and isn’t it Adrian we see always having a close look at every car.

  • Kevin

    RBR gets more than its share of attention to be sure, deservedly so. They are a threat to the big McLaren engineering juggernaut, dare to challenge (read beat the pants off) the puffed up grand dame Ferrari, and dominate the rest by being clever and ingenious both off and on track. They should be proud to be the lightening rod, while the likes of the grand teams struggle to catch up. For Marco to act as though some form of direct conspiratorial war against them is waged unfairly, indicates he just don’t get it. Of course there is, that’s been part of F1 since its creation. If there is serious offenses that are unfairly poisoning the sport, he needs to gather evidence and make the case with the FIA or Bernie. Otherwise, he really needs to shut up already, as he’s coming off as a nutter right now.