F1 turbo engines for 2014 will be very expensive

Renault R30 detail. engine Formula One World Championship, Rd 15, Singapore Grand Prix, Preparations, Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore, Thursday 23 September 2010.Jun.27 (GMM) Customer engines for Formula One teams will be much more expensive in 2014 when new regulations come in to effect.

Auto Motor und Sport reports that, Sauber for example, currently spends around $10 million on its Ferrari engine, and another million for KERS.

But for 2014, with F1 switching to ‘green’ turbo V6 power, the price is reportedly going up, to between $20-30 million.

Offering the best price is Craig Pollock’s new venture Pure, who are asking $18 million for the Gilles Simon-designed engine-plus-KERS package.

“Even that is too expensive,” Sauber managing director Monisha Kaltenborn noted.

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  • Kevin

    So…. we have to listen to all the carping about F1 costs and control – yet the constant changes in rules and now this engine change all escalate costs even higher. Meanwhile we have a test ban, junk tires, and other manipulations under the guise of cost control… Seems to me F1 needs an enema.

  • McLaren Fan

    @ Kevin AGREED

  • Kimi4WC

    Not to mention, how long it will take them to work out the reliability, cause everyone will be pushing those engines to explore their limits no matter the rev limit.

  • Nowhereman

    Told ya….
    This cost thing is becoming a joke.
    Bring back the V10s with ground effects, no KERS or DRS garbage.

  • wtf


    whats expensive in a multi trillion-billion dollar show?


  • Prince

    hm… i dont if people will still watch F1 is this the aged going backwards rather forward:L

  • Anthony

    I agree with everything posted with the exception of Prince. It’s like the Scumbag Steve meme.

  • Tripled

    cant help but to agree with what everyone said.. EXCEPT PRINCE. hes another person who doesnt know what hes rambling on about. we’ll have to forgive him on that.

  • asahjaya

    Well, if you all want to live in the past so be it. I’m out.

  • Jody Renza

    That’s what I have asked previously: HOW are “they” going to save costs? F1 must control costs..yes I agree the economy is in a mess, but listen to salaries in soccer, Tennis & Golf purses ect..hell why all the fuzz?
    I really miss testing (not just cars that a quick by computers), a third driver & car doing testing on Fridays…maybe the teams must have less flashy factories, smaller motorhomes & parties!
    In a perfect world we can have tobacco sponsorship back, V12 engines..personally, I do not like turbos..it’s like the diesel Audi’s at Le Mans…they sound like a washing machine!!

  • tony sullivan


  • Bec


    The FIA wanted to reintroduce ground effect, but the teams refused.

    The FIA wanted a cheaper 4 cylinder engine, the teams wanted the more expensive V6.

    DRS was the teams idea, the FIA wanted reduced aero’, FOTA had to lobby the FIA hard to get DRS accepted.

  • issabendeck1

    f1 engines and all her crap is always been a JOKE i mean the only person who is ever gonne pay those out of the question prices fo those engines , is eather the race bussines , or a silly and dumb rich collector, who wants to add one to his collection, because, to street drive it ? i dont thinck so, this engines cant ever be driven at low speeds before they breack down+have the worst gas miliage+unreliable , it cant b used for every day drive even if the engine were to be put into a normal street car, cos the extra weight cant be handled by this small strokes low tq engines and it would have the worst performance if some one did it , then if this engine dont have any demand among entuciasts’ , then why is it so stupet expencive , ?? because the high tech? , because it corners the best wich is the only thing that beat street engines and cars, coz now there are plenty of 1600hp street cars that easily can achive 2 secs from 0 to 60 and at 20 times less money and built with the best billet aluminum etc etc etc and very very durable street cars engines, this is just europe , lol business as usual it all ends up into business , like that mr bean f1 mc laren bullshit 3an a half crapy millons dollars lol car , what a joke , as for me im complitly out of this question , cos even if i was the richest , i still ned to be a DUMB ASS TO PAY FOR THOSE CARS AT THOSE SILLY PRICES , there are plenty of dumb ass people out ther who pay those prices , and thts why prices get so high , but thts not my case , i pay really money for really something , and i dont care for some stupet idea of some collectable bullshit, thats a crap lenguage that i dont speak .