Alonso: At Ferrari the key is for two drivers to make one car quick

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari in the Press Conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd8, European Grand Prix, Preparations, Valencia, Spain, Thursday 21 June 2012.

Fernando Alonso during the FIA Press Conference.

Jun.21 (Ferrari) The Valencia Media Centre provided some welcome respite from the incredible heat today [Thursday] in Valencia, as Fernando Alonso attended the official FIA press conference this afternoon. Prompted by recent comments from Felipe Massa about his car set-up in recent races, Fernando began by praising his team-mate.

Ferando Alonso with Felipe Massa“Felipe has good confidence in the car now, thanks to the changes the team has introduced and to set-up tweaks,” began the Spaniard. “That means from now on, we should both be competitive. Within the team, we have always supported Felipe and now I expect we can both be near the front for the second half of the season.”

As for progress with the F2012, Fernando said he was “extremely happy” with recent work in this area. “We did not have the best start, which meant it was actually easier to improve a bad car than a good one, so that in some ways, our problems have been easier to fix. We now have good correlation from the wind tunnel data and the track, so we can trust the wind tunnel more now, not just in the short term, but also for the future.”

As one of the journalists pointed out in the conference, the “silly season” the time when rumours start about where drivers will go in the future, seems even to be looking past 2013, with suggestions Vettel could go to Ferrari in the next couple of years. “The rumours are always the same at Ferrari,” responded Fernando with a smile.

Fernando Alonso leads Felipe Massa during the Chinese GP“After I won the title in 2005 with Renault, people were already saying I was going to Ferrari and it took me five years to do so, as I arrived in 2010. So maybe Sebastian will come in five years time. But I am not concerned about it. At Ferrari the key is for two drivers to make one car quick. That is always their way and Luca di Montezemolo made it clear to me on my first day with the team,” said the two times F1 world champion

As for next month, one of the busiest on the F1 calendar, Alonso stressed that the key to the championship situation would be consistency. “It would be nice to win here in Spain, but in a championship as tight as this, second place would also be good, although today, on a Thursday, you are always aiming for the win.”

Alonso maintains that he enjoys everything about this event: “On the track, I particularly like the final sector while off the circuit, I would say the atmosphere is one of the best with plenty of activities for the public, with concerts and so on and of course the beach is only one hundred metres from the paddock!”

Formula 1 often lives in something of a bubble, but clearly in Spain, it is hard to ignore the fact that this country, like many others around the world, is going through economic difficulties. As a racing driver, the Ferrari man did not have an instant solution. “This is not an ideal situation of course,” he admitted.

“However, as sportsmen there is only so much we can do. As I see it, this weekend, there is a great sporting event taking place in this city, which will be the centre of worldwide attention on Sunday as the race is watched by millions of TV viewers around the world and that has to be a good thing,” concluded Alonso.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    At ferrari the key are team orders otherwise Alonso would never be close to championships.

  • Lol.

    As he had won his double before then, without team orders, not only is your argument invalid, it’s completely stupid.

    And, in 2010, team orders gained in a total of 7 points.

    Haters gonna hate.

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    Wrong. Without team orders Fisichella would have been in front many times.

    Without team orders Hami woulkd have won Monaco 2007, and Alonso not a title contender at the final race.

    Without team orders, Alonso would have not been a contender in 2010 as 7 points would have meant Vettel could have gone for an easy second place in Korea without killing his car, and it does not matter what Alonso does.

    Without team orders, Sauber’s Perez would have beaten Alonso from his single win in 2012, and Alonso would not lead the scoring.

    To conclude: without team orders, Alonso would be probably 0 times champion.

    This is your uber-hero.

    Alonso is not strong enough to win a champ from own force.

    You all know shit. Blinded Alonso slaves.

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    Are you saying McLaren adopted team Orders in MOnaco 2007 FOR ALONSO???? Could you please expand on that one for all of us that watched that race?

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    Ron dennis said it.
    You watch the race and you remain dumb.

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    You say we all know shit, when half of your arguments are personal opinion.

    You say we are blinded by a love of alonso, when you are blinded by a hate of him. The difference between you and everyone else is you can’t even attempt to accept you are wrong.

    Quite frankly i’m sick of seeing people insulted because they have a different opinion to yours half the time, and then the other half you crying about people can’t argue with you and they can only insult you.

    I cba anymore. Goodbye yallaf1 comment section. It’s gone from a wonderful place of debate and such to stupid arguments between rivalling factions of trolls and idiots. Which is a shame, as this is the best f1 fansite out there.

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