Domenicali: Alonso and Vettel could easily co-exist together at Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari. Formula One World Championship, Rd1, Australian Grand Prix, Preparations, Albert Park, Melbourne, Australia, Thursday 15 March 2012.

Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso to be teammates at Ferrari in 2014?

Jun.20 (Reuters) Fernando Alonso and Sebastian Vettel could “easily co-exist together” as team mates, Ferrari principal Stefano Domenicali has said in a comment likely to send the ever hungry Formula One rumour mill into overdrive.

Sebastian Vettel (GER) Red Bull Racing RB7 and Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari 150 Italia battle for position.  Formula One World Championship, Rd 13, Italian Grand Prix, Race, Monza, Italy, Sunday 11 September 2011.Media reports last month suggested Red Bull‘s double champion Vettel had signed a pre-contract agreement with Ferrari, considered to be the sport’s most successful and glamorous team, with a move likely in 2014.

Alonso, also a double world champion, has a contract with the Italian team until the end of 2016 and is very much the number one in the current line-up with under-performing Brazilian Felipe Massa.

Ferrari’s official website published on Wednesday an interview of Domenicali and Formula One supremo Bernie Ecclestone by two German reporters who asked both men about Vettel.

Presented with a photo-montage of Vettel as he might look in Ferrari overalls, Domenicali smiled and said “in life one should never say never.”

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari on the grid with Bernie Ecclestone (GBR) CEO Formula One Group (FOM). Formula One World Championship, Rd 4, Chinese Grand Prix, Race, Shanghai, China, Sunday 18 April 2010.“I think they are both intelligent guys and they could easily co-exist together,” he added when asked whether he felt Vettel could only move to Ferrari once Alonso was no longer at Maranello.

Alonso had a stormy time at McLaren when paired with Britain’s Lewis Hamilton, who ended his extraordinary debut 2007 season level with the Spaniard on points but ahead in the standings as runner-up.

The Spaniard had eclipsed previous team mates and none of his subsequent partners have troubled him either. Massa has not been on the podium since 2010 and is out of contract at the end of the season.

Ecclestone, who is close to 24-year-old Vettel, said he would not advise him to move while still so young but recognised that it was a possibility.

Sebastian Vettel with Bernie Ecclestone during the Italian Formula One Grand Prix at the Autodromo Nazionale di Monza on September 11, 2011 in Monza, Italy.“Usually, a driver ends his career at Ferrari, therefore it could happen one day,” said the 81-year-old Briton, who also played down the obstacles to an Alonso-Vettel pairing.

“That wouldn’t be a problem: both are drivers who are always looking for a new challenge and to be in the same team would be a new and big challenge,” he said.

“They would both think they can beat the other one, as they are sure of themselves and Stefano would do what was required to so that they were treated equally.

“It would be a case of doing what I did at Brabham in 1979 with Niki Lauda and Nelson Piquet. I told them, ‘guys it’s simple: whichever one of you is quickest is the team number one’,” said Ecclestone.

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  • fools

    no thanks, Alonso is better then Seb. Also Seb would cry being the @2nd driver to to Alonso if they ever became teammates. I wouldn’t like that team much.

  • Kevin

    Yeah right… Seb would be an idiot to move to Ferrari with Alonso still in the house. He’s on the building side of the career curve, which requires as little restriction over his head as possible, which is what Red Bull provides. Having Alonso, who is on the mature end of his career, holding his him back and down, and a team focused on its arcane 1-2 driver approach would be death to Sebs career. The only reason Ferrari would even try this would be to block or bottle a threatening competitor up. The only reason Seb would do it is if he suffers some form of mental collapse and looses all sense of reason and reality. Besides teaming up with the brat Hamilton, I could not think of another poorer choice than Alonso/Ferrari for Vettel at this point. Now, when Alonso reaches the end of his contract, their might be some reason to look to Vettel, which may be the pre-agreement reached – a 2016 first right of refusal on both sides, but no way will it happen before, or if Alonso is still in the hunt.

  • fools

    @ Kevin… well said

  • visz963

    They could not co-exist, since Alonso does not like a team where he is regularly outpaced. He would switch teams quickly. (see his fleeing from Mclaren).

    Alonso is perfectly interested in keeping Massa, to remain the first driver. That is why he is continuously praising Massa (Massa is one of the best bullshit.).

    The current situation is perfect for Alonso. He can shine because his teammate is mostly noobing aroiund behind him, and if Massa accidentally gets ahead, Alonso simply asks for team orders.

    That would quickly change with Vettel.

  • Harsha

    If Alonso and Vettel will be team mates i guess it can beat the last year of Fernando Career and Seb will be at 32 or 31 at that time which makes him perfect for Ferrari but i really don’t think Seb will leave RBR in 2 or 3 years as Newey Penning the RB series and the new regulations is coming into the act by 2014 he doesn’t want to do that

  • glitch14

    A kimi-seb tandem at red bull would be healthy and very interesting.

  • Butterfly

    I think it would be tragic for Vettel to have the other two-time champion humiliate him in both qualifying and the race. It would be particularly painful in qualifying because Vettel has this myth about him being the best qualifier on the grid.

    I guess Adrian Newey does that to drivers.

  • Alonso_is_slow

    Yes, Newey does it to his drivers, that is whyt Coulthard and Webber has never done it.

    Butterfly = idiot