Button: I haven’t got a clue at the moment

Jenson Button at Canadian GP

Jenson Button during the Canadian GP weekend

Jun.11 (GMM) Former championship favourite Jenson Button is being swallowed up by Formula One’s fascinating 2012 season. He endured a frustrating and fruitless weekend in Canada, while admitting that he does not know what is derailing his F1 season.

Jenson Button at Canadian GPThe first winner this year, Briton Button’s form has been sliding recently and it hit rock bottom in Canada, where he finished sixteenth whilst Lewis Hamilton won in the sister McLaren.

He admitted afterwards that he leaves Montreal “confused and very lost”.

He has qualified tenth or lower throughout May and June, has only half of championship leader Hamilton’s points tally, and is just eighth in the title standings.

“There was nothing there,” Button told reporters after Sunday’s race. “It has been the same at the last couple of races. I don’t know why that is.”

Button, the 2011 championship runner-up, also admitted he is at a loss to explain how his celebrated skill of looking after his tyres is proving no benefit this season.

Jenson Button (GBR) McLaren. Formula One World Championship, Rd7, Canadian Grand Prix, Practice Day, Montreal, Canada, Friday 8 June 2012.Compounding the mystery is that Hamilton, actually the more aggressive driver, is making the heavily-degrading Pirellis work for him.

“I haven’t got a clue at the moment,” Button said when asked what he and his engineers will do to rectify the situation between now and Valencia in two weeks.

“Driving around one and half seconds slower than the leaders, one of whom is my teammate…I don’t know why because I can’t push the car any quicker.

“It is not the tyres. I cannot be the only person who can’t drive the tyres. It’s impossible. That felt like the limit of the car. I am leaving here confused and very lost,” he said.

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  • JD

    Button is an example of a good driver not being great. When the car is stable and balanced he is extremely fast and has good race craft to pull out wins. When the car is difficult he struggles and is not able to make the difference. Some drivers have this ability to make difficult cars win, as Hamilton did, as Alonso did. Button cannot do this.

  • Hawk

    C’mon it’s not the car. IT’S ME.

  • Jody Renza

    Funny how things can change in a short time.A year ago it was Hamilton who could not get the best out of the Mclaren, now it is Jenson Button! With all the mumbo-jumbo going on about Felipe Massa’s recent performances, I’m sure Button will be next in line to loose his drive even if he has a contract! I agree with JD that Button must have a car that is perfectly set-up. I’m as baffled as Jenson at his lack of speed at present. What have changed that much since Australia. Maybe the Williams jinx was carried over to Mclaren with Sam Michael joining them!!!..

  • Speedo

    Jody Renza you got it wrong. Last year it was all Lewis’ undoing and not the car. The car worked for him fine. He was also shunted into the barrier by his team mate or else he would have won in Montreal last year. Then he made many mistakes as he was going through a torrid time due to his break-up with his girl friend and he let his heart rule the race and not his head. Don’t compare last year and this year.

    The cars are both identical. Lewis gets it to work for him while Jenson can not. Its like Alonso and Massa in the Ferraris. Lewis and Alonso are in a class of their own.

  • Jody Renza

    Agree cars are the same,but the setup differs from LH to JB and in 2011 Lewis did not get the best from his tyres while JB (smoothie) did. A lot I said was with tongue in the cheek Speedo!! Button will be back, but then the chase will be a bit too late…..But then, anything is possible in F1!!