Alonso hails Ferrari despite tyre gamble going wrong

Fernando Alonso (ESP) Ferrari in the Press Conference. Formula One World Championship, Rd7, Canadian Grand Prix, Qualifying Day, Montreal, Canada, Saturday 9 June 2012.Jun.11 (GMM) Rather than lament a lost victory, Fernando Alonso hailed Ferrari after a dramatic Canadian grand prix, which saw him running strongly throughout the day and leading close to the end, before a tyre strategy gamble backfired.

The Spaniard, and recent championship leader, was at the head of the Montreal field late on Sunday, until his Pirelli tyres gave up their grip.

His team, however, persevered with the one-stop strategy, while Sebastian Vettel gave up, pitted and ultimately passed him, and Lewis Hamilton won with the clearly superior two-stop strategy.

The struggling Alonso was even passed by Hamilton’s fellow podium-finishers Romain Grosjean and Sergio Perez, and he ultimately finished just fifth.

According to Brazil’s O Estado de S.Paulo, the 30-year-old conceded that, in hindsight, making another pitstop would have been the better choice. But he hailed Ferrari anyway.

“I’ve never before seen a kind of progress as we have made this year, and this development [in Canada] was the most significant we have made for a long time.

“At the beginning of the season we were struggling to get out of Q1, and now we are fighting for the first places on the grid and for victories,” added Alonso.

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  • fools

    these comments from Alonso don’t indicate why he hailed Ferrari. Of course he wont talk down that it was a horrible strategy. However as me, a fan…this ruined it for me. I cant believe these people who make so much money insisted not to pit. Not just money they are educated since day 1 for this career. When basic math and there pit stops calculations are MUCH FASTER then any team in F-1. The tires finally around 12 laps were dropping off. He could of pitted even before Hamilton with SS to win the race. Only by that time 11 laps left and he would of been fine because Hamilton pitted and did what? He pitted for SS. 2 stop and still won 1st place. But that is only because Alonso didn’t pit. Even if he pitted with 4 laps left he would of saved being 5th maybe 4th or 3rd.This looks horrible for Ferrari. I cant believe they downplay it like its not a big deal. They got lucky Rosberg didn’t pass him either. SMH