Villeneuve: Hamilton or Alonso or Vettel in a Lotus might have won every race

Johnny Herbert (GBR) and Jacques Villeneuve (CDN). Formula One World Championship, Rd7, Canadian Grand Prix, Practice Day, Montreal, Canada, Friday 8 June 2012.

Jacques Villeneuve and Johnny Herbert clowning around in the Montreal paddock

Jun.10 (GMM) The  black and gold Lotus E20 car is regarded by some in the Formula One paddock this year as perhaps the very best in the field, and straight talking Jacques Villeneuve believes they should have won every race thus far.

Romain Grosjean, Lotus E20 Renault and Kimi Raikkonen, Lotus E20 Renault. Commentating on British television Sky this weekend in Canada, 1997 world F1 champion Villeneuve called the car “amazing” and blamed its drivers Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean for failing to perform.

“Put a Hamilton-Alonso-Vettel in there and they might have won every race,” said the French Canadian.

Grosjean and 2007 world champion Raikkonen qualified seventh and twelfth in Canada.

Asked why McLaren, Ferrari, Mercedes, Red Bull and even Williams have been winning so far in 2012 while Lotus has not, Raikkonen said on Saturday: “My guess is that [they] still have to get stronger in qualifying.

“Of course, the aim always is to win, but sometimes it is better to fight for a good position and bag good points. If the win comes it comes,” he told F1’s official website.

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  • alonso_is_slow

    What does this idiot still want around f1? Who invites him in the paddock? He was always slow, and the end of his career was when he was fired mid season. In the meantime he made furious comments like Schumacher is weak etc.

    Go home and play with your xbox, F1 is not your business.

  • Butterfly

    Hey, I’m starting to like JV.

  • JVBS

    Funny, lewis and vettel with best car on the field and even alonso with improved ferrari cant even win every races~~ i wonder what they can do with the lotus that hv good race pace but slow qualifying pace~~~ as always, JV will always find chances to slam kimi as kimi nvr give a shit to what he said =) a useless driver with a bad mouth, thats why kimi is always better than him as he nvr critic anyone openly~~~

  • Nemo

    I’m looking forward to the end of this race weekend, just to not hear from jv again

  • JVBS

    he thinks the car is amazing because kimi driving it and claimed 2nd from 11th behind the grid and 3rd in spain~~~ sore loser…..disgrace to his father

  • Indigo Bunting

    There goes little Jack, making an asshat out of himself yet again…

  • muddles

    In Aus we would say he’s a cock head.
    He only opens his mouth to change feet.
    Bad loser.

  • Raikkonen Sucks

    Raikkonen is overrated , jaques is an intelligent man , his ignorant fans dont know anything about f1

  • MSC legend

    its true raikkonen sucks , he has no skills, big 0 in wrc and f1 ,

  • pitwall

    Jaques only ever won in a top car. He needs to keep his opinions to himself.

  • JVBS

    how about lewis that havent won anything with the best car on the grid??? Even vettel cant win every race with a more superior car than lotus~~~ this is pure hate statement from JV….whoever agree with him is as ignorant as he is!! Kimi had differential failure during qualifying and yet he was only 1 tenth slower than Romain….yeah..he gt no skills~~~ and his fans gt no brain =P

  • adi

    he’s talking shit

  • adi

    talking shit JV.

  • JVBS

    thanks JV for showing me another reason why i support kimi~~ He nvr once critic or backstabbed other drivers in front of the media, most noble driver on the grid ever!!

  • LCmV

    JV what a sore loser are you?! Do u even know what youare talking!! It’s funny that you make such stupid comments. Only an ignorant person like JV can take shit. A great disgrace and insult to Gilles

  • LCmV


  • kaka007

    such an a** h*l* JV is.. lotus weren’t good in race strategies, in qualifications not upto the mark..
    kimi’s 2 races were screwed by lotus with poor strategies..
    lewis hadn’t won in the best car..
    even though every1 is saying ferrari is sh*t..but hw come a sh*t car qualifies in top 3 or 4 everytime..even the out of form massa is qualifying well…it underlines it’s speed
    vettel only won a single race upto now in arguably the best car..
    and what the hell is rosberg n schumi doing apart from a single race win in a car faster than lotus..

  • kaka007

    had some respect for him..
    nice way to lose respect of your fans jv

  • Chris

    Kimi is still a great Driver JV you are forgotten that.
    Do you Remember a tag line “King of Spa” it was for Kimi not for you
    He has a chance of winning race but he failed to capitalize it due to Team’s tactics
    He rejoined F1 after 2 years of gap and he already got 2 podiums and He was giving everything in every race but you on the other side Fired in the Middle of season.
    So stop Saying all this and Respect Driver’s and their Skills which your Dad always says

  • Andy – London

    I don’t disagree with Villeneuve about the Lotus being the best car. We all know there was a huge possibility of Kimi winning at Bahrain if Grosjean had let him through 9 laps earlier and I do believe that the top 3 drivers would have won a race in it by now.

    Looking at Ferrari, they are always strong from Canada onwards. Redbull now have the qualifying pace to match their good race pace. McLaren have cost Lewis some good points but their car started out best but only in quali. Seemed slower when full of fuel.
    Grosjean has twice qualified in very good positions only to throw it all away. Kimi has been in great form on his comeback, putting in some consistently fast laps in most races.

  • aaa

    Villeneuve is a shithead. I hope to not see him ever again.

  • f1 fan

    Grosjean and Raikkonen are enough , Grosjean just needs to be consistent and Raikkonen needs to work on his strategy , he returned after two years Cmon!!!!! it is easy to sit and pass coments!! isn’t it!!

  • Lucio Fernandez

    This are comments from a former F1 driver and a champion that was never given a chance for a comeback…. sour graping Villeneuve!

  • Hawk

    did I say JV was bitter? ie previous post abt F1 babies. I change my mind. The guy is just outrightly frank! I believe him partially. Not all races ofcourse.

  • flyingfinn

    Very odd comment from JV. Lotus is a good team with a good driver balance of youth and experience but surely not the best car… Bitter man speaking there. He should learn from Kimi and Mika Häkkinen. Never backstabbing. That’s how you get respect from other drivers

  • Dennis

    Kimi is still far better than Jacques Villenueve, wait isn’t red bull, mclaren, and mercedes a better package than lotus. The only issue that Kimi has is that he is very light on tyres and lotus is also very light on their tyres so heating up the tyres is difficult for them, that is why Kimi struggles in qualifying. However, in a race he has proven to be faster than Grosjean. This is pure bitterness, as he needs to beg to even get to a team and because of his father he was kept. Kimi is different, Ferrari want him gone, well it’s gonna cost them, and i think he is also bitter by the fact that Kimi can comeback so easily without even putting his name out there.

  • Ray

    Villeneuve : Starts = 164
    Raikkonen : Starts = 164

    Villeneuve : Wins = 11
    Raikkonen : Wins = 18

    Villeneuve : Fastest Laps = 9
    Raikkonen : Fastest Laps = 36

    Villeneuve : Poles = 13
    Raikkonen : Poles = 16

    Grow up Villeneuve your time in F1 is over
    Sounds like sour grapes to me…..