Canadian Grand Prix: Seven from seven on the cards

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Jun.5 (Preview by James Rossi) This weekend marks an opportunity for F1 to continue breaking records, as the competition vies to produce a seventh different winner from a seventh race. The Canadian Grand Prix is renowned for providing exciting races against stunning backdrops, and Sunday promises to be no different.

Grid girls on the grid. Formula One World Championship, Rd 7, Canadian Grand Prix, Race, Montreal, Canada, Sunday 8 June 2008.With a number of top drivers still to win a race in 2012- Lewis Hamilton, Kimi Raikkonen, Romain Grosjean, Felipe Massa and perhaps even the Sauber pair all capable of victory should the planets and stars align correctly – there is a very real possibility that the ‘different winners’ record streak will continue. It’s anybody’s game as we head into the seventh round of the 2012 world championship with ‘seven from seven’ very much on the cards.

The Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is renowned for being hard on tyres and brakes and as such an air of unpredictability hangs over the event. Championship leaders Red Bull have never won around the Canadian circuit, but head into the race in a strong position. The champions of last year must be considered a favourable bet for the victory.

Jenson Button at Canadian GPMcLaren however have struggled with high tyre wear on abrasive surfaces, as evidenced in Bahrain and Catalunya. The car that seems to deal best with tyre wear whilst maintaining race-winning pace continues to be the Lotus. Kimi Raikkonen and Romain Grosjean have been feted as possible grand prix winners all year now, but along with Mercedes, seem to have been prematurely heralded as grand prix victors.

On the subject of possible grand prix winners, it would be wise to consider the case of Lewis Hamilton. He has gained pole position twice around the Canadian track and is rarely outpaced in Montreal. If a McLaren is going to be victorious on Sunday, it would be a surprise to see Jenson Button atop the podium, despite his impressive victory in difficult conditions last year.

Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber tango in the rain last year

Lewis Hamilton and Mark Webber tango in the rain last year

Fernando Alonso continues to lead the championship, despite the relative lack of pace from Ferrari this season, the mercurial Spaniard is showing why he is considered to be the complete F1 driver. It’s hard to gauge the pace of Ferrari’s 2012 challenger due to the performance of Felipe Massa. The Brazilian has consistently underwhelmed amidst rumours that he will be replaced, which surface at almost every grand prix weekend.

It really is anybody’s game, although the clever bets will be on those who can maintain tyres for all 69 laps on Sunday. Mercedes’ use of the super DRS should see them come close to pole position on Saturday, with two long straights to make use of.

The weather is expected to be unsettled all week long, with rain clearing away for Sunday’s main event. Montreal’s DRS zone will be reduced to just one section; the long back straight leading into the final chicane.

Smooth, calculated racing is the name of the game this weekend. Step up the perennial dark horses…

My prediction
Qualifying: 1. Schumacher 2. Hamilton 3. Alonso
Race: 1. Hamilton 2. Alonso 3. Vettel

Subbed by AJN.

  • george

    Come on the Iceman!!!it’s your time now…Lotus better get their race strategy right this time

  • ovii

    Schumacher shld win ths time…………!!!!!!!!!!

  • Benny George

    My prediction
    Qualifying: 1. Schumacher 2. Rosberg 3. Hamilton
    Race: 1. Schumacher 2. Button 3. Hamilton

  • Rabih

    I hope it will be Schumacher’s turn,7th gp 7times world champion ina the car No.7,will be the 7th deiffernet winner so far this season

  • msc_3169

    Montreal should suit Mercedes fine….If merc can give schumi a good(reliable) car then win no 92 or podium no 155 is definately on the cards
    Sit back and enjoy :)

  • ride me sideways

    would love to see a kobayashi win

  • hillside

    get this win der miestahhh!

  • Nemo

    As much as i would like to see Schuey or even Kimi win. I will be predicting hamilton to win @ Montreal. His record there for wins, poles, podiums has been pretty good over the years. Sure Schuey has won it 7times!, but I dont think their car would be quick enough….unless it rains

  • fools

    rain or shine.

    Alonso for WDC on pace!

  • javalocco

    let’s see how “seven” is schumacher in Canada.
    1. he already won 7 times in giles villeneuve
    2. as we know he is 7 times world champion
    3. he get number 7 in mercedes
    4. can i put his age here? 43, that is 4+3=7
    5. canada grand prix is 7th series this season.

    if he win in canada it will make him 7th winner this season

    He must win, and will be, to make 7 his lucky number!!

  • Hawk

    that Mercedes is a very good car, make no mistakes about it, esp in Nico’s hands. I would hv given it to Lewis bt with the super soft in play I’m not so sure. I wonder why they chose it anyway? Maybe a chance to use it at least twice in the season. Go Lewis 7/7. With the ss Alonso has a chance. The RB I think is still disorganised by FIA.

  • tony sullivan

    Is AJN the author of this prediction? If so, Why are you afraid to give your name? I’ll tell you why. AJN is a Schumacher sycophant. He is over. He is passe’. His feat at Monaco was an aberration on a track that relies on luck for the best time.He will be outclassed by many of the pilots in Montreal