F1 bosses want Schumacher to stay in F1

Top three in Monaco GP qualifying: Nico Rosberg (second), Michael Schumacher (fastest) and Mark Webber (second)Jun.4 (GMM) Whether or not seven time world champion Michael Schumacher stays in Formula One beyond 2012 is a hot topic.

Schumacher has been more competitive in 2012 compared with the first two seasons of his F1 comeback, culminating in pole at Monaco recently.

But luck has not been on his side, and he has only 2 points to show for his efforts.

Not only that, the 43-year-old’s name has been a regular topic of conversation in the stewards room so far in 2012, with some rumours hinting that officials are questioning the great German’s age, vision and reflexes.

He has been vocal about not enjoying the new emphasis on the heavily-degrading and difficult-to-understand Pirelli tyres.

F1 chief executive Bernie Ecclestone hopes he will stay.

“He’s still a big name,” the 81-year-old told Germany’s Auto Bild, “even though we’d all rather have a successful Schumacher than an unsuccessful one.”

Another supporter is McLaren‘s Jenson Button.

“Michael’s come in for a lot of criticism over the last couple of years since he’s been back,” the 2009 world champion is quoted by AFP news agency.

“Sometimes it takes time to feel comfortable with a car and comfortable with the people you’re working with, but I think he put a great lap together in Monaco, didn’t make any mistakes and he obviously deserved it very much.

“It proved a few things too didn’t it?” added Button.

Button’s boss Martin Whitmarsh has also admitted he would like to see Schumacher back at the top.

“I am firmly convinced that Michael is going to win a race this year,” the McLaren team principal told Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung newspaper.

“Particularly after the past weekend [in Monaco], anyone who underestimates him would be a fool.

“He demonstrated once again, especially to his critics, that he is far from being too old,” said Whitmarsh.

And the Briton said any discussion about whether Schumacher was ever a great driver is “absurd”.

“He is one of the best we have ever seen,” Whitmarsh insisted.

As for a new contract for the Mercedes driver, Whitmarsh said: “Of course it would be good for our sport. He is a world renowned brand that people know in every corner of the globe.”

Speaking to Kleine Zeitung newspaper, Schumacher’s brother Ralf also insists that Michael’s comeback has been good for “the whole of F1″.

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  • Kshitij Parmar

    He is the best of the best & he deserves a great Cat in 2013 & a season to show what he really capable of……..

  • USA1

    Of course some of the drivers want Schumacher to stay, they know that it is one less top car they have to worry about beating every race. Bernie is all about the money he does not care about F1 but only how much money he can extort out of everyone.

    Schumacher is being very selfish, he had his time with his Bridgestone tires made only for him and his Ferrari that no other team was allowed to have.

    Time to let a younger driver have a shot, Schumacher’s sell by date expired long ago.

  • Kevin

    If he brings money to the team, and they are happy with his performance, he should have the choice to stay. But to stay because he is a brand, without showing the results demanded of lesser drivers, based on name alone, is more of the tripe of making F1 into an entertainment, and less of the penultimate motorsport competition is once was. Why would it now go soft, when its roots are so ruthless in its treatment of drivers who failed to bring home the points? When marketing takes over, purity is shown the door, and the business becomes more soft and squishy. What a shame.

  • Tinky

    Why do all the these so called fans of the sport insist bridgestone made special tyres for schuey where is the proof ?
    His tyres where the same as all the others used by the other teams and dont you think the other teams would of protested if they wasnt ?
    The only difference was when we had michellin vs bridgestone.
    Also yes i do think there are probly faster younger drivers who could take his seat but they may not have the same experience in car set up and being able to identyfy problems etc. You must remember the mercedes hasnt been the best of the cars yet and yes his points look bad compaired to his team mate but he’s had alot of bad look upto now this season. His improvement in quallifying this year is this him getting better or a drop in rosbergs performance well personally i think he’s still good enough to be in f1 even tho the results dont show it yet.
    Also we saw how kimi lost second position and dropped down the order when his tyres went off.
    These new pirelli tyres is what caused the shuey and senna crash imo. You had senna on old rubber schuey on new the difference in speeds at this point is just totally dangerous and stupid they brought the 107% rule back in to stop slow cars then bring a tyre in which slows them even more than the rule wheres the logic ? either pirelli need to make a decent tyres which the teams want and not wot the f1 bosses want or get out and let another tyre manufacturer have a go.

  • Alberto Dietz

    Michael The Great should definitely retire by 2025.

  • grossy

    he is the greatest! d a mn stewards they are the one’s who are old. they have poor vision and reflexes but not schumi. spreading rumors nonsense!

  • ovii

    msc will certainly win this year……. and most probably it may b the up-coming canadian gp …!!

  • RoyA

    Again USA1 comes with his analysis which I am sure on big fat burgers. Why dont you apply to work as a F1 analyst? Am sure the top portals would be happy to have you as a comedian on board.

  • Andy – London

    Michael is not the same driver of old, as he has proven by making mistakes he would have never made in his first F1 career but why would a team consider replacing a driver who can put a car that is possibly the 3rd or 4th fastest on pole? Even his best 4th place finishes in Korea 2010 and Canada 2011….I mean, do they want D’Ambrosio to do the same in that Mercedes?

    I’ve always likened Schumachers return to F1 to that of Tiger Woods – should he retire and make a comeback. Golf would be much richer for having the Tiger Woods name back in the sport in 20 years, especially if he is making the play offs etc.

    Having Schumacher back in F1 is certainly no gimmick. He was brought in to help develop the Mercedes – a job he did very well at Ferrari when he joined them.

    I would take a look at the Senna name that we have currently in F1 and consider swapping him for another driver.

  • grossy

    yeah that senna name and that french fry head grosjean are both idiots. moron schumi said. they should be replaced!